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      Analysis of Yin-Yang Structure of the Internal Energy in Taijiquan        

Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan DVD Series by Lin MoGen

    New Series! 7/3/11 Bagua (Pa Kua) (1-10)        
      New Items! 9/15/11 Canton (Guangdong) Hong Fist        
      New Series! 5/13/11 Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan (1-18)        
        Chinese Massage & Therapy (1-4)        


Zha Fist DVD Series

      Choy Lee Fut Kungfu (1-2)        
        Cloud Demon School        
      New Series! 5/5/11 Dragon Tai Chi Chuan        
        Fighting & Free Sparring Techniques        
        Hong Style Tai Chi Chuan        


Hop Gar (XiaJia) Kungfu DVD Series

    New Series! 9/15/11 Hsing-I Chuan (1-8)        
        Huang Fei Hong Southern Fist        
        Ma's Health Preserving Exercises        
        WanSheng Miao Dao (Broadsword)        
      New Series! 9/15/11 Other Chinese Martial Arts (1-6)        


New Canton Hong Fist DVD items

      Praying Mantis Fist (1-2)        
        Qigong (Chi Gong)        
      New Series! 5/5/11 Self Defense (General) (1-7)        
        Shaolin Temple Kungfu (1-9)        
        Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan (1-2)        


China Hsing-I DVD Series by Zhang Jianping

      Taiji For Preventing Diseases        
        Tengnuo Huling Tai Chi Chuan        
        Traditional Chinese Folk Wushu        
      New Series! 5/1/11 Wing Chun Chuan (1-4)        
        Wushu For Youth        


Cheng Style Swimming Body Bagua DVD Series

      Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan (1-3)        
        Wu3 Style Tai Chi Chuan (1-2)        
        Wudang Mountain Kungfu (1-8)        
      New Series! 3/11/12 Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (1-5)        
        Xinyi Liuhe Chuan        


Cheng Style Gao's Bagua DVD Series

      Yi Quan (1-6)        
      New Series! 3/11/12 Zha Fist        
        Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan (1-2)        
        Zi Ren Men (Natural Branch) Wushu (1-3)        
        Demonstrations of Traditional Wushu Series (1-2)        
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