Hop Gar (XiaJia) Kungfu DVD Series
By Lin, Xin
(1st generation disciple of Master Deng JinTao)
Xiao Luo Han Kung-fu (Small Arhat Fist)
Item Code: XFD01 Duration: 56 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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Xiao Luo Han Kung-fu is a basic routine of Hop Gar Kung-fu and the most favorable routines for Hop Gar Kung-fu fans. It is simple and practical. Attacking using both hands. Throwing, attracting, hanging, hitting and punching skills are all violent and forceful skills that has the sense of craking stones and rocks. If the practitioner keeps on training with this routine, his body will be stronger and stronger. It's a graceful and practical routine.
Da Luo Han Kung-fu (Big Arhat Fist)
Item Code: XFD02
Duration: 100 mins
content: 2 DVD discs
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By appearance, Hop Gar Kungfu looks similar to Crane form. It contains wide opening and closing. Swing the arm as quickly and flexibly as you can;Punch out as fierce as you can; Hit out and drop down to do "Bridge" forcefully. It also require forceful and violent moves, at the same time, with lightening speed to destroy all things.
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Specification: NTSC, All Zones,
Language: Cantonese Chinese,
2 subtitles (
English, Simplified Chinese)