Taijquan for Preventing Diseases DVD Series

Performed and explained by Qi Hao

About the performer: Managing director of the popular science association of China's national Chinese medicine
Professor of Beijing Medical University
Editor-in-chief of Life Enhancement in Chinese Medicine and traditional culture series

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The Basics for Curing Disease of Taijiquan for Life Enhancement
(1 disc)

Item Code: TCHD001
Duration: 68 min
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  The treatment efficacy of Life Enhancement Taijiquan comes for the regulating of the body's jingluo, the adjusting of breath, and the cooperation of the mind. It is an integer therapeutics with strong initiativeness and daoyin therapeutics with good dialectic. In this lecture, we will focus on the main points of how to cooperate posture with breath and mind while practicing Taijiquan for Life Enhancement. In order to illustrate the scientific basis, we will introduce in detail some representative groups of postures from Taijiquan for curing diseases of the body's main systems. These groups of postures are very easy to learn, and we will provide you with emphatic instructions and standard demonstrations. This is an important part of learning Taijiquan for curing diseases.

The Regular Combination of Movements
(2 discs)

Item Code: TCHD002
Duration: 65 min, 65 min
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  Taijiquan has an important feature of practicing in postures. So, if you want to master the essence of Taijiquan, you should master the postures of Taijiquan systematically and use it flexibly. Take the 24-form simplified Taijiquan as an example: it is divided into several regular combinations. It illustrates the treating feature, the effect and the matters needing attention of every combination. It gives especially detailed demonstration to some adaptive factor of the regular movements. In the 8 regular movements, there are neat illustrations to the practicing feature of the Life Enhancement Taijiquan to different diseases. It is very easy for the beginners of life enhancement to learn.

Characteristics of Taijiquan for Life Enhancement
(1 disc)

Item Code: TCHD003
Duration: 65 min
Was US$19.99

  Taijiquan for Life Enhancement is different from ordinary taijiquan. It focuses of the effect of treatment and the whole cooperating. It stresses practicing a group of postures or practicing a posture repeatedly. It forms a system with the aim of curing disease. To learn Taijiquan for Life Enhancement well and to use it properly, you should firmly follow the principle of "Four accordings": practice according to individual, practice according to posture, practice according to disease, and practice according to time. You can increase the effectiveness of treatment if you can master the aforementioned four principles. This lecture will respectively list the practice method of taijiquan for curing more than twenty kinds of ordinary illnesses, using the four principles. The working method is very practical and easy to learn. And it has been proven to have good effects with practice.

The Optional Combination of Movements
(1 disc)

Item Code: TCHD004
Duration: 70 min
Was US$19.99

  One of the characteristics of taijiquan for life enhancement is its options, flexibility, and changeability. So after the operator of taijiquan for life enhancement masters the optional set pattern, he should understand the optional composed set pattern of taijiquan for maintaining health. This lecture indicates that: once master the fundamental principle of curing illnesses and the important method of health-leading, coordinating with thought and breath, health-keeping fans could compose optional set pattern according to their own experience and pratice, to treat various illnesses flexibly.



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Specifications: NTSC, All Zones
Language: Mandarin Chinese
2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)