Wushu for Youth DVD Series (Multipule Subtitles Series)
by Zhang, Li Hui
About the performer: Instructor Lihui Zhang passed her 5th level Chinese Wushu evalution and she is a First-class Athlete of China.
Long Fist (Chang Quan) Basic Skills
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The basic skills of Chang Quan (Long Fist) are the foundation for practicing boxing.  They include the hand form, hand techniques, footwork, foot form, leg techniques and so on.  Practice the basic skills and basic movements more often to constantly improve the pliability, speed, endurance and health.
Cudgel Play
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The Cudgel Play routine consists of 2 parts: 17 forms with various kinds of cudgel technques, such as circling, pulling tilting, poking and uppercutting with cudgel; the footwork and foot form.  The movements are natural and simple, the attack and defend techniques are well arranged and regarded as the standard in this filed. When practicing, the body and weapon must be coordinated well; the movements must be done rapidly and forcefully.
Spear Play
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The whole routine can e divided into 2 segments which consist of 16 forms with many kinds of spear techniques, such as point, cloud, pull, push, spear with vertical circle figure, outward parry, inward parry and thrust, and combined with the basica footwork and body techniques.  The arrangement of the movements and structure of the routine are simple and easy to learn. When practicing, the body and weapon must be coordinated well, the movements must be done continuously and smoothly.
Sword Play
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This routine can be divided into 2 segments. It consists of 18 forms with many kinds of sword techniques, and combined with the footwork, body form, balance actions and jumping movements.  When practicing, the hands, eyes, body, footwork and weapon must be coordinated well. The wrist must be nimble and the sword techniques must be clear. The body and sword should move as a whole.  This sword play is very natural and elegant.
New Item ! Broadsword Play
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The whole routine can be divided into 2 segments, consists of 18 forms with many kinds of broadsword techniques. When practising, pay attention to move another hand to harmony with broadsword, the hands, eyes, body, footwork and weapon muct be coordinated well. Exercising the movements of this routine, it can improve the body qualities & settle a good foundation for mastering the wushu skills completely.
Long Fist (Chang Quan)
Routine III
Long Fist (Chang Quan)
Routine I
Long Fist (Chang Quan)
Routine II
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NOW US$17.99
NOW US$17.99
The movements of Chang Quan (Long Fist) calls for a clear distinction between motion & stillness and quick & slow movements.  With clear performance, imposing manner, and a strong sense of rhythm, the children are in the process of growth, and in the best phase to improve the agility and coordination ability.  Therefore, the long-style boxing is one of the most suitable kinds of Kung Fu for children.
The entire routine can be diveded into 4 segments, and it consists of 34 forms. It includes the hand forms, stances, hand techniques, and leg techniques. The movements are simple and easy, most movement are practiced in straight lines, and it is suitable for beginners.
Specifications for Wushu For Youth DVD Products:
NTSC, All Zones, Language:
Mandarin Chinese, Four Subtitles (English, Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish)
Children Fist Exercises
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by Yu, Hongqin (Champion of National Wushu Competition)
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Specification: NTSC, All Zones, Mandarin Chinese, 2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/ English)
Duration: 53 mins
This basic body exercise was created based on the characteristic of wushu, including basic wushu hand forms, stance, hand techniques, & footwork. It is well serves the purposes of heath care, self-defense, amusement & molding sentiment. An excellent exercises for beginners & children. This program was divided into 4 sections: Basic Hand Forms & Stance; (2) Main Techniques of Fist & Leg; (3) Main Techniques of Hand & Footwork; (4) Teaching of Fist Exercises.
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