Chinese Kungfu Series
The series of Eight Types of Huayue Heart-mind Harmony Fist

Demonstrated by Wu Yinghua

About the performer: President of southeast china wushu association

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Eight Types of Huayue Heart-mind Harmony Fist
(4 discs)

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The nucleus of Eight Types of Huayue Heart-mind Harmony Fist is how to use the strength, and the less important one will be fellow the rules. The one good at using the strength and familiar with the rules is the best, who know how to use the strength but don't know the rules is next to it, and the one who neither know the rules and how to use the strength will be the worst.
It is hard to understand the rules or how to use strength. So it is important to practice while learning this fist. Move first, move in static, and rest in heart and mind. You can not use it with high proficiency without practicing it for a long time.
The change of this fist is a lot, it have both block and attack, stay and move, the falsehood and the actual, slowness and fast, circulation and screw, push and hold, to make it flex in rule, open and close without trace, loosen and clutch in rules, unyielding and pliancy, one action relate to another, one type is corresponding to the other.

Eight piling method
(1 disc)

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Duration: 60 min
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Eight piling method of Eight Types of Huayue Heart-mind Harmony Fist is filtrate by the predecessor from the whole fist types through practice again and again to meet the need of practice the fist skill in long run.
The purpose of this is to know well and comprehend the main meaning of this fist action through this practice, to achieve the aim of preserving your health, becoming stronger and living longer.
To practice this action requires you to stabilize your mind and heart, watch the soul independently, the muscle becomes one. You will be static when your mind and heart is stabilized, when it is static it can move, and when it moves it can pass, when it pass it can last for long, and when it is long it can change a lot.

(2 discs)

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Duration: 120 min
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The usage of Eight Types of Huayue Heart-mind Harmony Fist has it own rules. It should coordinate with emergency, study the actual situation of the move and static. There is extant of it but you must not be restricted by it. You should follow the rules but not be restricted by them. The rules are falsehood. It is said that do not follow the rule as knowing the formula. When having physical training, pay attention to using your mind not your strength, to move your limb by the inner strength without any delay. This is what is said that when one move all move, one stay all stay, move alike stay, move and stay is nearly the same, rules look like true but also falsehood.
Observe the move while stay, be static while move, deduce the true from the falsehood, the mind and limb become one while it is skillful. You must first master the framework then use the strength, and it will be resemble when bring out the inner strength, and can deal with all situations and win by surprise.



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2 subtitles (Simplified Chinese/English)