China Xing Yi Chuan DVD Series
By Master Zhang, JianPing
(Close student of Master Qian Shuqiao, 8th generation of Xingyiquan aka the "Huang" generation)
Demonstrated by Wei, ShaoTong
(Student of Master Zhang, JianPing, 9th generation of Xingyiquan aka the "Zu" generation)
Xing Yi 5 Elements Fist
Item Code: XYD061
Duration: 60 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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5 Elements Fist is the foundation of Xingyiquan, including splitting, crushing, drilling, pounding, and crossing. Internally, it exercises the entrails to strengthen the body, and externally,it helps to defeat the enemy with powerful effects, each move taking life. There are creations and overcoming among the 5 movements, with infinite strength.
Xing Yi 12 Interlink Fist
Item Code: XYD062 Duration: 74 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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12 Interlink Fist is an excellent classic routine. Nowadays, there are few people could demonstrate the whole routine. Its moves are flexible, with diverse hand techniques and sophisticated step techniques. There are Three Punches in One Step, Free Step Snake Form, Crocodile Form Interlink and other actual combat techniques. The internal Strength performs from the top to the bottom. It's one of the most precious routines in our Xingyi Style.
12 Hong (Hammer) Fist
Item Code: XYD063
Duration: 83 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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Xingyi 12 Hong Fist is a traditional high rank routine. It contains 12 ingenious skills, with the essence of 5 elements and 12 animal forms. The moves are nimble, the hand techniques are diverse, and the strength is powerful. When practicing, you should put your full mind in your figure. The force and soft are alternated. The fast and slow parts are in perfect rhythm. It's fluent in one go. When you are familiar with it, you can comprehend the No Fist in Fist, No Mind in Mind, and True Meaning in No Meaning.
Xing Yi 5 Elements Forward Backward Interlink Fist
Item Code: XYD064
Duration: 50 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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5 Elements Forward/Backward Interlink Fist is the rudimental routine combined with 5 Movements Fist in sequence. The routine is short, but the movements are simple and efficient. The forward and backward are in perfect order. The toughness and pliability are alternated. It has the essence of 5 Elements Fist, with great health promotion effects.
Creation & Overcoming Cycle of 5 Movements Sparring & 5 Flower Pounding
Item Code: XYD065 Duration: 50 mins
content: 1 DVD disc
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These are the classic basic sparring routines of Xingyiquan. On the basis of Five Movements Fist, it absorbed the philosophy of Five Elements (metal, wood, water, fire,and earth), so to create an attacking and defending routine. The techniques are simple and efficient. All the moves are meant for defeat the enemy. Long term exercise of these routines will help to comprehend the essence of Five Element Fist.
Xing Yi 8 Form Fist
Item Code: XYD066 Duration: 103 mins
content: 2 DVD discs
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Xingyi 8 Forms Fist is developed phase of xingyiquan. It exercises internally and externally, both for sports and fights. The routines are formal and classic. the techniques are simple and efficient. The strength is powerful. The moves and spirits are flexible. Its feature is swift and stong. the switches are abundant, so it requires exercises of whole-body-movements and unity of internality and externality with thw whole body as one.
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