Cheng Style Gao's Bagua DVD Series
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by Ge, GuoLiang
(He passed 7th grade wushu level. He is also a well-known international wushu master and 4th generation Chairman of Cheng Style Gao's Bagua)
Shang Tian (Instinct) Bagua Palm
Item Code: BAGD029
Content: 2 DVD discs          Duration: 92 mins
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Shang Tian Bagua was passed down by master Cheng TingHua and Gao YiSheng. The training methods are traditional. Forms mainly are truning palm moevements and chaning palm movements developing into 8 body-turning routines.
Hou Tian (Acquired) Bagua 64 Palm
Item Code: BAGD030
Content: 2 DVD discs         Duration: 135 mins
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Bagua palm mainly practises through circling footworks in 8 Major Palms to acheive agile body and foot movements. Its Bagua 64 Forms make the routine practical. It enchances one's abiltity to defend and offend. It is the essence and soul of the bagua palm. Movements of Hou Tian Bagua 64 Palm are simple and clean, hardness with softness, and inter-changing. Each movement contains its particular defending and attacking meaning.
Bagua Rolling Broadsword
Item Code: BAGD031
Content: 1 DVD disc          Duration: 59 mins
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Bagua Rolling Broadsword is a traditional long weapon routine. It features "Rolling" in the routine. It combines characteristics of different broadsword routines emphasizing forces on wrist. It requires one's body to work with the broadsword in harmony on turning, fliping, walking, and twisting. Body is following the broadsword to move. Well-linked and diverse movements.
Bagua Linked Sword
Item Code: BAGD032
Content: 1 DVD disc          Duration: 55 mins
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Bagua Linked Sword's length is 3 feet and 8 inches. Blade is 3 feet and handle is 8 inches. It is heavier than the regular sword and the sword handle is longer than regular sword's handle. Sometimes, you could use both hands to hold the sword in practice. Fundamental skills of bagua is required prior to practising this sword routine. It emphasizes of using mind rather than forces. Using mind to move qi, using qi to move body, using heart to play sword. Sword follows the body. Footworks follow sword movements. Sword and body is in one. Body, footwork, and mind are same as palm trainings. The sword is an extension of bagua movements/forms.
Bagua Attached Spear
Item Code: BAGD033
Content: 1 DVD disc          Duration: 61 mins
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Bagua Attached Spear is an unique weapon routine in Cheng Style Gao's Bagua Palm. The spear used in the routine is different from regular spear. It is two headed and has a pyramid head at one end. It is also called Two-headed Snake. It trains waist and arms strength. "Attached" means the spear sticks to one's body. Circling is the basic movements of the routine.
Bagua ZhiWu Deer-Horn Axes
Item Code: BAGD034
Content: 1 DVD disc          Duration: 61 mins
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Bagua ZhiWu Deer-Horn Axes are a pair of unique weapons in Bagua. It is also named as Mandarin Duck Axes and Sun Moon QiangQun Knifes. Both axes are in same size. Left is female; Right is male; Left is ying; Right is Yang. Clockwise circling is Yang Men (gate); Counter Clockwise circling is Ying Men (gate). Total has 8 Men (gates). 1 Men (gate) has 8 forms. Total 64 forms.
Cheng Style Gao's Bagua DVD Set
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