Wansheng Miao Dao DVD Series
by master Liang, HongXuan
About Performer: Mr. Liang Hongxuan passed National Wushu 7th level (7th Duan). He is also the inheritor of Wansheng Miao Broadsword.
About the series: Miao Dao (Broadsword) is not the sword used by ethnic Miao people, but it is named after its slender shape. It is totally about 1.6 meters long, its body is about 1.3 meters long and the shank is about 0.3 meter long. It has the characteristics of both sword and spear, so it has two functions. It can be held by single hand or both hands. It gives off a strong force of attack.
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Wansheng Miao Dao (Broadsword) 1st Routine (2 DVDs)
Item Code: WSMD01
Duration: 98 mins
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1st Routine of Miao Dao includes the essentials of holding the broadsword, the positions of holding the broadsword, combat applications, key points of chopping and hacking, and basic Miao Dao techniques.
Wansheng Miao Dao (Broadsword) 2nd Routine (1 DVD)
Item Code: WSMD02
Duration: 51 mins
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2nd Routine of Miao Dao is based on 1st Routine, its features are wide and broad chopping and hacking, quick and curel sword movements, and harmonious and smooth body movements.
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Specifiactions for the DVD Products:
NTSC, All Zones, Language:
Mandarin Chinese, Two Subtitles (English, Chinese)