Qigong (Chi Gong) DVD Series
Subtitles in Two Languages: English and Chinese
Lu Style Ba Duan Jin (8 Brocade) Qigong
by Professor Lu, Shicai
Item code: QGD03
Content: Single DVD
Duration: 69 mins
Price: US$ 12.99
Ba Duan Jin is a claiss and traditional breathing exercise. It is simple and easy to practice with notable medical effect, so many people love it. Practising this routine could promote blood circulation, dredge channels, strengthen muscles and bones, and also build up one's physique. It is suitable for practitioner of all ages, and also applicable for massagist and orthopaedic surgeon to enhance their physical and internal quality, which could help curing their patients.
by Yu, Dinhai
Professor of Shanghai College of Traditonal Chinese Medicine
Five Animals Qigong
Item code: QGD01
Content: Single DVD
Duration: 83 mins
Price: US$ 14.99
Five Animals Play is created by the famous doctor HuaTuo who lived in the late Han and Shanguao Dynasty.  He researched the movement characteristics of tigers, deers, apes adn birds.  This form is based on the ancient guide.  It involves and excises the viscus, arteries and veins, as well as blood and breath of human beings.  It's a physical training edited with folk style, which is the bases of the latter prosperity of Chinese Wushu.
Main Chapters:
1) Introduction of function
2) Teaching of methods
3) The anatomy of the essential
Ba Duan Jin Qigong (8 Brocade Qigong)
Item code: QGD02
Content: Single DVD
Duration: 62 mins
Price: US$ 14.99
Ba Duan Qigong is an exercise designed for fighting viscera disease and maintaining good health.  In the DVD, the main points, usage and purpose of the movements are mentioned in every phrases.  Ba Duan Qigong is gradually perfected and developed with the guidance of the traditional iatrology theory. 
Chapters: 1) Introduction of the function. 2) Practicing methods. 3) Analysis of the points.
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NTSC, All Zones, Language (Mandarin Chinese)
Two subtitles: English and Chinese