Bagua (Pa Kua) VCD Series
Bagua Palm (1)
by professor Lu, ShaoJun
Item Code: BAG064
Bagua Palm was called Turning Palm in the past. Based on historical evidence, bagua palm was created by Dong HaiChuan in Hebei. Its characteristics are circling, turning, linked, palm changed when steps changed, and changing while moving. It is an internal arts and help health-preseving. 
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Bagua Dragon Form Sword (2)
Item Code: BAG050
by master Yan, Cheng De (student of master Chu, GuiTing)
Content: 2 VCD discs
Yang style taiji sword by Yan / Xingyi by Yan
Master GuiTing Chu was a famous contemporary wushu master in Bagua, Taiji, XingYi. He inherited systems of master Li CunYi, Liang ZhenPu, Zhang ZhanKui, Li JingLin, Yang ChengPu, Sun LuTang, Jiang YuHe, Shang YunXiang, & Huang BaiNian.

Master ChengDe Yan was direct & important student of GuiTing Chu. He learned Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi from Xu many years. He inherited entire bagua system by Xu. He taught, research, & develop Xu's bagua system. Bagua Dragon Form Sword was one of the most famous routine by Xu. It was performed in Shanghai many times and was well-acknowledged. Its swift body movements & fierce sword foms was unique. It was a treasure in bagua form.
Bagua Kungfu (2)
Item Code: BAG048
Bagua is one of the famous traditional kungfu in China. It is also one of the outstanding Nei Jia kungfu. Bagua, not only has the profound meaning for its culture character, but also very special and healthy to the practicing people for its skill and so on, which is hereby affecting greatly in China and abroad. This VCD, which collects many typical routines by the famous bagua masters and wushu champion, includes Shao Guo Zheng, Chunyan Ge, & QiuPing Lin.
Bagua Palm: 8 Forms 8 Palms (Xing Yi 8 Palms) (1)
Item Code: BAG047
by Wu Shi Jun
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Wu Shi Jun Advanced Wushu Series
Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan Applications
Basic palms of Bagua Palm are Old 8 Palm, Linked 8 Palm, Swimming Body 8 Palm, and other 4 routines. 8 Forms 8 Palms also called Xing Yi 8 Palms. It imitated swallow, eagle, bear, monkey, dragon, snake, tiger, & horse 8 animal forms combining with bagua's Yin Yang circling method. This routine met the requirement of bagua & contained characterisitics of Hsing-I Chuan. It is an excellent material for all bagua lovers.
Bagua Deer Horn Knifes (1) (Chinese/ English)
Demonstrated by Dong, Jin Bao, National Wushu Champion
Item Code: BAG033
Yuan Yang (mandarin duck) Tomahawk are the original name of Deer Horn knifes. This routine was created by Hai Chuan Dong in Qing Dynasty. It was called "Ri (sun) Yue (moon) Qiankun Jian (sword)". Yue is made up of two parts, a male & a female, which close and dispart in the movements alternately, just like a pair of mandarin ducks. It is practiced in a peculiar way, and the directions of pace is not fixed. Changes are found in the movements as you wish. The form has a lot of varieties, easy to attack and difficult to be defended. The main special techniques are: "a cryan dragon turning around", "a lion opening his mouth" and "hanging a stamp in front of one's breast". It is a rare and typical form of Chinese folk wushu.
Swimming Body Bagua Palm (1) (Chinese/ English)
Demonstrated by Mao, Jing Guang, National Wushu Judge
Item Code: BAG034
This form also called "Round-body Bagua Palm". Its movemnts criss-cross each other in 8 directions, and very agile and changeable. There are constant changes and changes react to changes continuously. Bagua palm belongs to the kind of quan that gains control by striking only after the opponent's strike, emphasizing the changes through continuous walking and turning to avoid the opponent's attack on-head, and strike the sides of the opponent. It is rich in content, changeable in movements, with body and leg techniques throughout the process, so it is called Round-body Bagua Palm. One of the most classic routine in Chinese martial arts.
Bagua Linked Palm (1) (Chinese/ English)
Demonstrated by Jiang, Lu Di, National Wushu Champion
Illustrated by
Se, Jian Guo, Professional Wushu Instructor
Item Code: BAG010
The Bagua Linked Palm is based on the theories of I-Ching (Book of Change). The movement of this form are particular in direction changes. It involves palm linkage and step movements in every direction, covering both the length and breadth.

This program is based on the principles of higher starting-point, authentic theories, and excellent works. It can be easily to acquired by any learners.
by Xiao, Kung
About the performer: Xiao Kung was an important student of master Fu, Zheng Hao in 80's. He won the champion of Sun style tai chi chuan (male adult group) at Guangzhou Tai Chi Competition, 1991. He is now a committee member of Guangzhou Tai Chi Push Hand Research Group.
Ying Bagua Palm (1)
Item Code: BAG012
This Bagua Palm belongs to Ying Bagua Palm. It was created by Dong Hai Chung at the end of Qing Dynasty based on the theory of I-Ching. His inheritor Jia, Qi Shan taught this form to master Fu, Zheng Hao. Fu taught this form to the public & became a general. After civil war in China, he was invited by Li, Jisheng to teach martial arts in Guangzhou.
Bagua Palm by Yu, Hongqing (1)
About Performer: Hongqing Yu won the championship of National Wushu Competition.
Bagua Palm was created by master Dong, Haichuan in Qing Dyansty. It has 8 basic palms and these 8 basic palms can evolve into 64 palms, same as I-Ching, from 8 to 64.
Item code: BAG008 Duration: 55 mins
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