Wu Shi Jun Wushu Series
by master Wu Shi Jun/ Sun Sheng Dong
About the Performer: Master Shi Jun Wu is 11th generation inheritor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan. A famous wushu coach & wushu judge.
Chen style Tai Chi Chuan 66 Forms &
176 different Sanshou & Fighting Techniques (4)
Chen style Tai Chi Sword 62 Forms & Its Techniques (2)
Chen style Tai Chi Broadsword 40 forms & Its Techniques (2)
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This routine includes 20+ different sword methods, mostly are winding & waist skills. It presents the characteristics of old Tai Chi sword skills. It enchance practicers's understanding on correct usage of tai chi sword.
This routine includes 20+ different broadsword methods. It includes Pi, Kan, Liao, Cheng, Tou, Ben. It presents the characteristics of old Tai Chi broadsword skills. Suitable for intermediate level wushu practicers.
This self-training routine was created by grandmaster Chen, Fa Ke. It skillfully linked & arranged 66 different movements in Chen style Old Frame 1st, 2nd routine to form this application-oriented routine. An excellent application routine for intermediate learners.
Applications of 8 Method Long Spear (1) Bagua Sun & Moon
Chasing Wind Double Broadsword (1)
Bagua Linked 8 Palms (1)
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An advanced routine in Bagua Palm. Required solid foundation of basic 8 palms. Circling is still the major movement. It contains different practical  hand skills.
8 Method Long Spear was created in Qing Dynasty about 100 years ago. It gathered the skills of Yue Family Spear, Li Hua Spear, & Liu He (Six Harmony) Spear. 8 methods are Lan, Na, Ja, Ben, Tou, Do, Pi, Chang. It contains 20+ spear skills.
An intermediate broadsword routine. Require solid fundamental skills of broadsword. Fast footwork & powerful up and down movements are well-linked.
Bagua Palm: Old 8 Palms (1) Hsing-I: 12 Animal Forms, 5 Elements Fist, & 5 Elements Linked Fist (1)
5 Generals Fatal Spear (1)
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This routine was the original basic 8 palms by bagua grandmaster Dong, Hai Chuan. Circling movements were based on 8 different directions. It is the basic of bagua palm. Harmony of hand, foot, & body is important.
This routine was formed in Ming dynasty by general Chi, He gathered & applied the spear skills of general Yue in Song dynasty, general Lo, general Zhao in Three Kingdoms period, & general Lin onto his own family spear to create this form. Movements have both characteristics of pole & spear. It is an advanced spear routine.
These Hsing-I routines were originally from Shanxi province. It emphasized on internal strength & mind, not external forms. Meanings of 5 elements are fully included in the forms. Master Wu Shi Jun was born in Shanxi and started learning Hsing-I from 1950 from his father. His form is a good refernece for Shanxi Hsing-I.
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