Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
New Item !! Chu's Yang Style Taiji Sword (2)
by Yan, ChengDe
Item Code: YTJ031
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Bagua Sword by Yan / XingYi by Yan
Master GuiTing Chu was a famous contemporary wushu master in Bagua, Taiji, XingYi. He inherited systems of master Li CunYi, Liang ZhenPu, Zhang ZhanKui, Li JingLin, Yang ChengPu, Sun LuTang, Jiang YuHe, Shang YunXiang, & Huang BaiNian.

Master ChengDe Yan was direct & important student of GuiTing Chu. He learned Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi from Xu many years. Yang ChengPu style classic Yang style taiji sword totally presented the characteristics of Yang style taiji. This program has detailed performance of each movement. An important weapon routine in Yang style taijiquan.
New Item !!
Collection of Yang Style Taijiquan (2)
Item Code: YTJ030
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
An important branch in Taijiquan having a large number of practicers. The film includes Yang style Taijiquan's origination, development, & its characteristics. This program includes performances by Yang Zhenduo, Yang Zhenming, Fu Zhongwen, Zhao Bin...and more...There are many precious traditional forms performed by these great taijiquan masters.
by master Li, DeYing
Top hundred wushu master in China
Senior National Wushu Judge
Assisting performer:
Zhang, Ji
(National Taiji, Sword, Pushhand Competition champion)
Kong, Xiang Dong (World Wushu Competition: Taiji Quan Champion)
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword 56 Forms
Part 1 & 2 (2)
Item Code: YTJ021
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Yang style tai chi sword is a kind of Yi Sword featuring smooth, balanced, & splendid movements. This routine was altered from the traditonal routine of master Tian Ji Li who was one of 10 most remarkable wushu master.
Disc 1 includes the demonstration of entire routine, sword holding method, & step-by-step instruction of 1st-20th movements.
Disc 2 contains step-by-step instruction of 21st-56th movements.
Yang Style Tai Chi Competiton Routine
Part 1 & 2 (2)
Item Code: YTJ022
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is the most popular form among different style of Tai Chi Chuan. Yang style Big Frame routine is a soft, flexiable, smooth, & slow routine. Entire routine has 40 movements. It retains major traditional movements in Big Frame & add some new movements to balance entire routine.
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(2) Set of 2
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