Hsing-I Chuan VCD Series
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Chu's Hsing-I Chuan (2)
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Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Bagua Sword by Yan / Yang style Taiji Sword by Yan
Master GuiTing Chu was a famous contemporary wushu master in Bagua, Taiji, XingYi. He inherited systems of master Li CunYi, Liang ZhenPu, Zhang ZhanKui, Li JingLin, Yang ChengPu, Sun LuTang, Jiang YuHe, Shang YunXiang, & Huang BaiNian.

Master ChengDe Yan was direct & important student of GuiTing Chu. He learned Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi from Xu many years.
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Hsing-I Chuan (2)
Item Code: XY100
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
Xingyi Quan is a well-known wushu in China. It was formed in Qing dynasty and have been handed down from the modern times. Xingyi Quan lays stress on inherent practice, demanding to drill from the appearance, with the feelings to the inner. The action is simple & pragmatic. It based on traditional 5 elements and Yin Yang. Xingyi quan, makes up by 12 kinds of animals' action and other pictographic element, which has a complete system. Xingyi quan is helpful for health and one of the most common wushu.
Basics of Hsing I Chuan (2)
Item Code: XY101
Content: 2 VCDs, US$13.99
by Li, De Ying
Disc 1 has 3 sections: (1) Introduction of Xingyi Quan, (2) Basic Standing Pole: Shan Ti Form, (3) Fixed spot Pi fist, following step Pi fist
Disc 2 has 6 sections: (1) Fixed spot Ben fist, following step Ben fist, (2) Fixed spot Zhan fist, following step Zhan fist, (3) Fixed spot cannon fist, following step cannon fist, (4) Fixed spot Heng fist, following step Heng fist, (5) 5 elements linked fist, (6) Xingyi Health-preserving standing pole.
Hsing I Chuan (2)
Item Code: XY102
by master Li, De Ying (national wushu judge, one of 100 foremost wushu master, Beijing Wushu Association Vice-president, professor, 8th level wushu grade)
performed by Fang MiShou, Liu Bin, Zong WeiJie
Hsing-I Chuan also called, Xin Yi Chuan or Liuhe Fist, an important Chinese wushu. It was listed as one of 3 internal fist. It was originated in Shanxi & had 400 years of history. This program covered Shan Ti Form, 5 element fist, 5 element linked fist, xingyi health-preserving standing pole. Fixed spot, moving, & free step different training methods. It showed Xingyi 8 words: Ding, Ko, Yuan, Ming, Bao, Hang, Qu, & Ting. It also showed entire 5 elements linked fist in 12 sections.
by master Niu, Bao Gui
About the performer: Famous Hsing-I master. He is the direct learner from master Wu, Zhi Zhen. Beijing Wushu Competition Hsing-I Staff champion in 1960; Head Coach of Beijing Hsing-I Team in 1990; National Hsing-I Competition champion in 1994. He started teaching Hsing-I in 60's. Many of his students were awarded titles in national wushu competitions. He is now committee member of Beijing Wushu Association; Chairman of Beijing SiMing Wushu Club.
Hsing-I Chuan Sanshou & Applications (1)
Item Code: XY026
This VCD contains 4 parts:
1. Demonstration of Hsing-I Sanshou.
2. Applications of 5 Elements Fist (Pi Fist, Jian Fist, Ben Fist, Cannon Fist, Heng Fist)
3. Applications of 12 Animals Fist (Dragon, Tiger, Monkey, Horse, Rooster, Yau, Swallow, Snake, Tai, Eagle, & Bear)
4. Bazi Gong Techniques (Tiao, Ding, Yun, Lin, Zang, Je, Guo, Kua)
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