Wan Lai Sheng's
Zi Ran Men (Natural Branch) Kungfu
by master Wu, Sun Xiong
About the performer: Master SunXiong Wu is the Chairman of Macau Wan Lai Sheng Wushu Assocation.
About master Wan Lai Sheng: He was disciple of wushu grand master Du Xinwu and was taught all the essenses of Zi Ran Men by Du Xinwu.
6 Hammer Fist (1) 9 Square Step &
9 Square Dodging Standing Pole (1)
Resolving Catch, Grab, Pinch & Lock (1)
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This hammer fist is a complete form considering both attack & defense. Sparring exercises enhance reaction & technical skills. One issues 6 hammers & one defends 6 hammers. Skills enhancement is through continuous rotation of attack & defense.
9 Square Step & 9 Square Dodging Standing Pole are the fundamental footwork & standing postures of Zi Ren Men wushu. Its theories are based on 8 directions & center, total 9 positions to form all movements.
One hand is catch (Chin); 2 hands are grab (Na). This program emphasizes on how to resolve different ChinNa methods.
Directional Free Door Techniques (1) Basic Fighting Techniques (1)
12 Animals Forms (1)
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An important routine by master Wan Lai Sheng. He performed this routine everytime when he had any public performace. It features fast & fierce fists & palms. Zi Ren Men was created by short master Xu. It was told that he was less than 4 feet, was born in GuiZhou, an escort. This program covers the basic fighting techniques of Zi Ren Men.
Inner circle hands is the basic. It gathers mind, qi, internal strength, external force all in one. These techniques are following opponents' movements to solve different attack. Free & smooth.
Solving Weapons Attack (1)
Wushu Wrestling (1)
Techniques of Shoulder, Elbow, Head, Chin, & Wrist (1)
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Wushu wrestling can practise force, throwing & grabbing skills. It is the skilled application of forces. Diveded into upper grab & lower grab. Its purpose is to make opponent onto the ground.
The essense of solving weapon attack is how to control the weapon while being attack or betore attack. Hitting & grabbing should use together well in order to reach the expected result.
Master Wan Lai Sheng said: "shoulder could bring down a house; elbow could take one's life; knee could break bones; head could hit body." Well practised these skills could greatly enhance skills of Zi Ren Men.
Natural Fist (1)
Pi Taiji Sanshou (1)
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Natural Fist has "3 lines 9 points". Master Wan can use tiptoe to perform 9 points. Movements are smooth. Footwork are light & agile. Not soft not hard. It is the last routine to practise, mainly practise qi.
Pi means usage. Natural Branch Taiji emphazises on victory. Taiji ball, Taiji Stick, & Taiji Standing Posture are all necesary to practise. Its forces issuing include external hard forces & internal forces.
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