Du Xin Wu's Zi Ran Men
(Nartual Branch) VCD Series
In memory of master Wen, Lai Shen
A grand master in Du Xing Wu's Zi Ran Men
by master Liang, Shou Zhong / Lin, Qing Song
About the perfomers: Master Shou Zhong Liang is now Head coach of Southern Shaolin. He learned Zi Ran Men kungfu directly from master Wen, Lai Shen and he passed 6th grade wushu evaluation examination. Master Qing Song Lin also learned Zi Ran Men kungfu directly from master Wen, Lai Shen. He passed 6th grade wushu evaluation examination. He is now the Head Coach at Wen Lai Shen Wushu School in Tokyo, Japan.
Phoenix Golden Wing Single Broadsword (1)
Liu He Fist (1)
San Da (Free Sparring) (4)
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Liuhe (six harmony) are 3 external harmony on hand, eye, body & 3 internal training on mind, qi, spirit. It emphasizes 3 points: upper point is nose tip, middle point is finger tip, lower point is tiptoe. Solid, stable, precise, & fierce.
Zi Ran Men San Da is like its other routines, natural without fixed form orders. It has its own circling method. Its hand method is "Locking like steel hook, spiking like sword, attaching like rubber, dodging like wind".
It is also called Liuhe Broadsword. Broadsword is one of the most common weapon in ancient Chinese weapons. It features fast & powerful movements. Its major techniques are Pi, Kan, Ja, Zang, Gua, Changtou.
8 Immortals Sword (1) ChinNa Sparring (1)
Jiou Zhou Staff (1)
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ChinNa is a kind of fighting techniques. Its purpose is forcing opponents' bones & joins excess their regular abilities & positions. Through this, to put opponents in passive position and lost their abilities to fight back. Major techniques are qie, dian, ban, na, fong, bi, xiao, & ko.
8 Immortals Sword is a kind of Liuhe Sword, first 24 forms of Bagua Linked Sword. It is the fundamental forms for all sword training. Skilled these 24 forms of sword movements, all hard sword forms are become easy.
Jiou Zhou Staff also name as Liuhe Staff. It can be held in the ways of reverse, regular, and mixed. It contains spear method, so it can be used as a spear. Powerful & fierce, fast & precise. Harmony of body & hands are important for issuing forces to the two ends of staff.
Zi Ran Men Fighting Essences (3)
Fundamentals of Zi Ran Men (1)
Zi Ran Men Fighting Basics (2)
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Zi Ran means natural & free style. 3 Gongs, 3 Tendencies, & 4 Virtures are the training purpose. 3 Gongs are "soft, hard, light"; 3 Tendencies are "talent, gentle, brave"; 4 Virtures are "faith, righteousness, heroic, brave". It emphasises natural & free style, but it still has its forms to practises. The rule is to use the forms freely like your own nature reaction. Master Wen, Lai Shen inherited Du Xing Wu's Zi Ran Men (Natural Branch). The fighting techniques of Zi Ran Men are "free" of mind without fixed fighting methods. Combination of free & variable fighting thoughts with free sparring techniques created this valuable fighting series. In this program, master Qing Song Lin shows plenty of Zi Ran Men fighting techniques. It includes initial attack & counter-attack techniques.
Qing Song Lin started learning Zi Ran Men kungfu from master Wen, Lai Shen when he was young. He inherited his original fighting theories & techniques of Zi Ran Men and performed it unreservely to the public. He can definately give wushu beginners a surprise.
Ci Bi Sparring Exercise (1)
"Yang" Locking Gong &
his Calligraphy (1)
8 Step Hook Sparring Exercise (1)
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This two persons sparring exercise is reserved by Liuhe Men. Its advance & retreat all requires acurate, stable, & fierce. Movements are between "real" & fake". A training on body methods.
8 Step Hook Sparring is a sparring training in Liuhe Men. It features fast & agile body movements & footwork, freely advance & retreat, and solid forces. Movements are between "real" & "fake". It can highly increase physical ability and reaction after training.
"Yang" refers to the reproduction organ for male. It is one of the weakest part in fighting. Master Qing Song Lin used 40 years to train himself the Locking gong to avoid the weakest organ being attacked.
Zi Ran (Natural) Fist (1)
Qan Kun Double Swords (2)
Black Tiger Fist (1)
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It is also called as Liuhe Double Sword. Two hands perform in a balanced and equalized movements. It requires high balanced skills & harmony of movements on entire parts of body. Its moving routes are various. Fast & solid up & down movements.
Various movements. Attack & defense has no "start" & "end". All between "real" & "fake". No fixed rule. Every movement are freely react & naturally perform. This is why it is called Zi Ran (natural & free) Fist.
Black Tiger Fist is a strong, solid, powerful fist routine in Liuhe Men. Although it only has 36 movements, every movements has its own characteristic in attack & defense. How to perform correct footwork, body methods, & leg methods is important. Master Wen, Lai Shen said: "soft waist, free leg, fists & legs no one can catch".
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