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Du Xin Wu's Zi Ran Men
(Natural Branch) VCD Series
About Performer: Master Fei Hi Du is 3rd generation leader of Zi Ran Men. He is the grandson of master Xin Wu Du, creator of Zi Ran Men. He is now a National Wushu Judge (Top Grade).
by master Du, Fei Hu
Zhang San Feng's Taiji Quan (1)
Item Code: ZRM001
Dim Muk (1)
Eagle Claw Fist (1)
Item Code: ZRM003
Item Code: ZRM002
Practical Sanshou (4)
Chin Na (2)
Item Code: ZRM005
Item Code: ZRM004
about 100 mins
52 mins
51 mins
Spear (1)
Falchion (Da Dao) (1)
Swimming Dragon Sword (1)
about 200 mins
53 mins
46 mins
56 mins
Item Code: ZRM008
Item Code: ZRM007
Item Code: ZRM006
by Liu, Yu Mei, 3rd generation
54 mins
Zi Ran Men's Eagle Claw Fist emphazies Nei Gong (internal force) & Yi (mind), which is different from other Eagle Claw Fists, basically imitating movements of eagles. Mind leads Fists.
This speedy sword routine moves like flying dragon, flying up into clouds, down into the ground. Basic Sword techniques are point, prick, swing, interceept, through, hang....etc.
12 meridians, 8 extra ordinary meridians, and 5 organs & 6 Fu are all linked and mutually influencing. Dim Muk practisers requires to know acupoints, the relations between meridians & organs, and Yang & Yang.
This set of Taiji Quan was told to be created by master Zhang San Feng, founder of Wudang taoist kungfu. "Live Fossil" is the nick name of this set of Taiji Quan.
Eleven Zi Ran Men ChinNa techniques and applications. Teach you how to follow opponent's force directions and use his force to against himself.
Eighteen Sanshou methods are taught in this set. Movements are emphaize the word "natural". Mind leads fists. When you reach the higher level, your movements would like reflex of your body. Fight natutally.
Long term practice of Zi Ran Men Spear Methods can increase pricking power of practisers, which can completely increase the ability for further advanced training.
It emphaizes defeating opponent in one blow. Powerful Routine. Mind leads blows.
Item Code: ZRM010
Item Code: ZRM009
Item Code: ZRM013
Item Code: ZRM012
Item Code: ZRM011
Fundamentals (2)
Leg Methods: 8 Forms (2)
Throwing Methods (1)
9 Sections 81 Forms (4)
Fighting Methods (3)
200 mins
Most important form in Zi Ran Men. Movements are based on bagua & 9 squares in I-Ching, combining with fast, slow, loose, tight, hard, heavy, circle, hard, soft, ying, & yang in kungfu to create a 5-element-based bagua kungfu
by Liu, Yu Mei, 3rd generation
110 mins
This is the entry level class for beginner. Contents includes basic footwork, hand methods, standing pole methods, and stretching exercises. Staff method is also included.
107 mins
Imoprtant techniques in Zi Ran Men. "Hands like two gates; Fighting is depends on legs" state the important of its leg techniques. Leg techniques have to work with footwork consistently.
56 mins
Throwing in Zi Ran Men is different from other throwing methods. It emphazies how to practise but not how to fight, because all movements would like your reflexes. ITs throwing methods were described as "Body is like spring and full of eyes".
Fight methods in Zi Ran Men is like its Sanshou methods emphasing "natural", inner energy of your Dianten. It has the hardness of Shaolin and Softness of Wudang.
150 mins