Shaolin Praying Mantis Kungfu Series
by coach Su, Long
About the Performer: Coach Long Su passed 6th grade wushu evaluation examination. He was awarded 1st garde national fighter & 1st grade national coach.
Demonstration of Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist (1)
Fundamentals of Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist (1)
Concise Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist (1)
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This program consists of empty hand & weapon routines of Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist. It completely shows the mighty & powerful, vigorous & forcible, nimble & agile of the form.
It is the first step & requirement of practising Shaolin Praying Mantis. It covers basic hand methods, footwork, & leg methods.
It is the summarized routine of Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist. It was edited based on different attacking skills in the form. Varied hand methods, rapid footworks, flexible waist methods, intense movements. It is common in ShanDong, SiChuan, JiangSu, & AnHui provinces.
Luo Han (Arhat) Hammer (1)
Beng Bu (1)
Ba Gua Running Hammer (1)
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This form was created b praying mantis fist master Bo Jian Ming. He associated the characteristics of Shaolin Arhat Fist & Praying Mantis Fist and form this routine. Intense, varied, & fast movements
It is one of the representable routines in Shaolin Praying Mantis. Its wide open forms, steady footwork & solid forces, intense hand methods, & agile body movements. It has strong characteristics of Northern fists. It is common in HeFei, JiangSu, Shanghai, & AnHui.
Beng Bu is the basic form in Praying Mantis fists. Different Sec. like "Plum Blossom" & "7 Stars" both have Beng Bu routine. However, they are not exactly the same in training method & content. Straight forward forces issuing; feet shaking & stepping is used to form momentum & help issuing forces. Entire routine emphasizes small, low, fast, fierce, & steady. Major hand methods are hook, pick, hug, wind, grab, lock, cut, & hit... free wrists, flexible waist, & low hip are important.
Plum Blossom Fist (1)
Four Six Hammer (1)
Si Ru Ben Da (1)
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A traditional routine in Praying Mantis fists. This form features using side to face opponents, face to face direct hits, upper defense & lower attack, attack while defending. Major hand methods: hook, hug, diao, pick, cut, hit, beng, jian. 7 Stars Step is the major footwork. Jump kicking is the major leg method. It is a vigorous & fierce form in Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist. Forms are widely open. Focus on hardness. Clear hand attack & leg attack by stealth are its major skils. This form is mainly practised in Eastern part of China, like Shanghai, He Fei, Xu Zhou, Jiang Su. "Si" = 4; Ru = ways, routine; Ben = running; Da = hitting.
A beginning routine of Shaolin Praying Mantis fist. All practicers must learn this form in order to have steady fundamentals for further training. Its original name is "4 Harmony 6 Qi Hammer Fist". Major hand methods are diao, lo, ling, xiao, chan, ding, da, gou.... Common in HeFei, Xu Zhou, Nanjing, JiangSu, AnHui, & HuaiYin.
Incepting Hammer (1) Chuang Shaolin (1)
White Ape Stealing Peach (1)
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This routine is formed by continuious & well-linked attack movements. Solid & powerful hand method is featuring in this routine. Coordination of hand & leg methods is important. Attack & defense at the same time. It is also called the Gong Li Fist in Shaolin Praying Mantis fist.
This form consolidates hand, leg, grasping, & throwing methods in one. Emphasizes the completion of entire routine. A repesentable Northern Shaolin Routine. Forms are well-linked. Wide open movements.
A major routine in Shaolin Praying Mantis that not easily passed to diciples. It emphasizes fast hand methods, fierce forces, fast retreat, steady footworks, & side attack. It has various hand methods. Major hand mehtods are gou, lo, chai, gua, beng, pi, guan, da, chan, tui & ko....
Lan Men Broadsword (1)
Intercepting Fist (1)
Plum Blossom Broadsword (1)
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Lan Men Broadsword had 2 routines: Da (big) Lan Men & Xiao (small) Lan Men. Xiao Lan Men was lost. This routine is the Da Lan Men routine. Major movements are ChanTou, GuoNao, Kan, Zhan, Liao, Feng, Gua, Chao, Sao, Pi, Ci, Jie, An. Sword movements fast like lightning.
An entry level routine. Different region has their own training method & content on Intercepting Fist. It emphasizes using hardness to subdue softness & using softness to soften hardness in apporiate timing. Various hand methods. Movements are well-linked.
A traditional weapon routine. It contains 26 broadsword skills. They are ChanTou, GuoNao, Pi, Kan, Jie, Liao, Gua, Ci, Mo, Jian, Zhan, Sao, Yuan, Beng, An, Ge, Cang, Bei, Tui, Jia, Feng, Dai, Lun, Dian, Bai, Ti, & Chao. Harmony of hardness & softness.
Double Hand Sword (1)
Lan Men Spear (1)
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This routine also called as Praying Mantis Sword or Praying Mantis Double Sword. It requires the harmony of body method & footwork. Mainly vigorous sword methods. It is more common in SiChuan province & North-eastern part of China.
A traditional weapon routine. Forms are solid & splendid like flying dragon. Fast & agile footwork. 10 major skills are: Lan, Na, Zha, Tiao, Ci, Beng, Pi, Bo, Ti, & Liao.
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