Genuine Shaolin Kungfu Series
by master Liu, Zhen Hai
About the Performer: Master Zhenhai Liu is one of 10 best Shaolin kungfu coach. He is now the Vice-president of International Shaolin Fist Associaton. National researcher on Wushu for Chinese government. He has written 10+ instructional books.
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Shaolin Sping & Autum Falchion (Da Dao) Applications (1)
Shaolin Zhao Yang Fist Applications (1)
Item Code: SL310
Item Code: SL309
Zhao Yang Fist is a baisc routine in Shaolin Kungfu. A must learn routine. It features tight and close defends, agile and flexible movements. This program integrated with applications.
A traditional Shaolin long weapon routine. Major movements are Pi, Liao, Yao, Shao, Ci, and Ge for upper, middle, and lower body. This program integrated with applications.
Shaolin Long Fist Applications (1)
Shaolin Broom Gong (1)
Item Code: SL270
Item Code: SL258
Long Fist is a traditional routine in Shaolin kungfu. It emphaizes changing standing posture with body movements, close combat, & fist following footwork. This program feature applications of Shaolin Long Fist.
A traditional Shaolin routine. It features agile body movements, steady footwork, & fierce offensive skills. It mainly attack opponents' lower body. Applications are included in the training program.
Shaolin Iron Arm Fist  (1)
Golden Child Small Arhat Fist (1)
Shaolin Dragon Broadsword (1)
Item Code: SL217
Item Code: SL219
Item Code: SL218
A traditional routine focuses on upper body movements and different combinations of arm and elbow movements. Movements are solid, accurate, & cruel. This program includes applications. A traditional routine that was practised often by arhat in Shaolin Temple. Movements were various and swift. This program includes applications.
An offensive broadsword routine with strong sense of defense. Major movements are Pi, Kang, Sao, Liao, Ge, Jia, Cang, Guo Nao, & Chan Tou.... This program includes applications.
Shaolin Small Plum Blossom Fist (1) Shaolin Black Tiger Fist  (1) Shaolin Small Plum Blossom Spear (1)
Item Code: SL212 Item Code: SL214
Item Code: SL213
A traditional Shaolin routine. Its movements is relatively small & close than Plum Blossom Fist. Steady footwork. attacks are mostly focus on opponents' lower body. one attack follow another attack. With applications. A traditional weapon routine. Simple & well-arranged. Movements are full of strength. This program include applications of the routine.
Black Tiger fist belongs to imitation form. It is hard, fierce, & full of strength. Steady footwork & agile movements. Training tips: Be fast, be fierce, be acurate. This program also include applications.
Shaolin Xiao Pao
(Small Cannon) Fist (1)
Shaolin Plum Blossom Praying Mantis Fist (1)
Shaolin Praying Mantis Fist (1)
Item Code: SL182
Item Code: SL180
Item Code: SL181
A classic imitating routine that featuring agile & strong arm, wrist, & hand movements. Mixture of hardness & softness. A practical routine.
Small Cannon Fist is smiliar to Cannon Fist. Its movements is smaler & closer. Training tips: Raise inner strength, outer movements following inner strength, show hegemonist power when going up, smoothly moving down, hit closely, qi needed to be forced, fist like cannon. A classic imitating routine. Its major movements are hook, chop, hold, catch, strike, twist, shake, & paddle..... nimble & practical. Excellent in both attack & defense.
Shaolin Pao (Cannon) Fist
1st Routine(1)
Shaolin Pao (Cannon) Fist
2nd Routine(1)
Shaolin Pao (Cannon) Fist
3rd Routine(1)
Item Code: SL183 Item Code: SL211
Item Code: SL184
Shaolin Cannon fist is a classic routine. It is one of ten most important Shaolin fist. Most forms are named under "cannon" ("Pao" in Chinese). e.g. Zhui Feng Pao, Wo Xing Pao, Fei Yuan Pao, Lian Hai Pao, Ying Mian Pao, Chung Tian Pao, Guo Bian Pao.... Training Tips: Raise inner strength, show hegemonist power when coming up, smoothly moving down, hit closely, qi needed to be forced, & fist like cannon.
Shaolin Wu Tang Sword (1) Shaolin Spring & Autumn Da Dao (Falchion) (1)
Shaolin Health Preserving Gong (1)
Item Code: SL186
Item Code: SL185
Item Code: SL187
Wu Tang Sword is one of classic sword routines. It was said that it was passed down by one of 5 greatest high monk, Hong Ren. Training requirement: "pointing" moevements like the hardness of steel needles, forces should be even, sword travelling like the softness of cotton, sword moves in lines.
This inner gong was created by high monk Zu Hui Ke, second high monk among 5 greatest high monk, during his recovery after he lost one of his arms. Continuious training can help clearing mind, strengthening immute system.
A basic & fundamental falchion routine. Simple & clean. Duplicate forms cannot be deleted. Need to practice again & again. This routine shows how to attack different parts of body (upper, middle, lower). Practical.
Shaolin Double Daggers
1st Routine (1)
Shaolin Double Daggers
2nd Routine (1)
Item Code: SL188
Item Code: SL189
Shaolin Double Daggers are rare Shaolin routines. It has 4 routines. Single & Double Daggers each has 2 routines. Its major movements are Tiao, Dian, Sao, Bo, Ya, Pi, Lan, Ge, & Liao.... Individually attack & defense different parts of body (upper, middle, lower). Practical. Up, Down, Release, Receive, Advance, Retreat, Turn, Side all on a line. A typical Shaolin routine.
Shaolin Damo Cane (1)
Shaolin 5 Tiger Broadsword (1) Shaolin Kungfu Staff (1)
Item Code: SL192
Item Code: SL190
Item Code: SL191
Damo Cane also called Single Cane. It is said that it was named after Damo because high monk Damo always has a  cane with him. Its movements include Lun, Ya, Jia, Sao, & Pi. An important Shaolin weapon routine.
A traditional weapon routine. It features fierce attack. Its strong offensive skills associating with application trainings can highly increase its offense.
A Classic staff routine. It is said it was passed down by 13 staff high monk at the end of Sui dynasty (800 AD). He used this form to save noble Tang. This staff routine has strong offensive ability. This progarm contains application of this staff routine.
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