Traditional Shaolin Kungfu Series
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Fighting Techniques of Linked Hand Close Combat (1)
Shaolin KanJia (Open Mountain) Fist (1)
Shaolin Plum Blossom Fist (1)
Linked Hand Close Combat (1)
Shaolin 7 Star Praying Mantis Fist (Plum Blossom) (1)
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Shaolin Spring & Autumn Da Dao (Falchion) (1)
Shaolin Small Iinked Fist (1)
Shaolin Da Louhan
(Big Arhat) Fist (1)
Shaolin Yan Qing Fist (1)
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Yan Qing Fist was formed in Tang Dynasty. It was brought to Shaolin temple in Song Dynasty by JuangYi Lu. His inheritor Yan Qing taught the form to the public, so this form was named after Yan Qing. Agile movements and changeable forms. A hard kungfu.
This form was created by Fuju head monk in Song Dynasty. He taught 26 high rank warrior monks the core of Shaolin kungfu and ordered them to guard 13 gates (2 monks each gate). All the monks who wanted to leave the temple have to defeat all 26 monks, or they had to be punished and practised even harder to get a chance to leave the temple. That is the reason it was named "open mountain".
In 8 steps 2 sections, this routine has 7 different fist methods, 3 palm methods, 4 leg methods, 2 grappling methods, 1 defense position, 1 waiting position,& 2 repeating positions. This fist routine is short, fast & clean, fierce. There are 22 changable forms in 8 steps.
This form was created by fist master Wong Long in Qing dynasty. He lived in Shaolin temple for 3 years and taught this form to the monks. Smooth & complete forces. A combination of softness and hardness.
It is also named as "Husen Fist". hand forms closely follows step movements. Each form are well-linked. One hit misses, another on follows, another one misses, thrid one closely follows. Wise usage of close combat techniques.
Applications of Linked Hand Close Combat (Husen Fist). Use shoulder, head, ankle, grappling, fist, hook, & attach close combat techniques.
Entire routine is well-organized and well-structured; Changeable form; Hard and tight frame forms. Softness within hardness; Fast forces issuing. Movements have strong Buddhism characteristics.
Small Linked Fist is a beginning routine in Shaolin kungfu. Simple movements. To have pracitcers learn push palm, split palm, press palm, Chun palm, arrow step, pu, cross step, Cai step... those fundamental forms.
by Warrior Monk Shi De Juan
31th generation inheritor warrior monk, 7th grade wushu master, One of ten most famous coach
This series emphasize to show the practical side of traditional Shaolin kungfu. It provides a valuable opportunity to understand Shaolin kungfu in depth.
A traditional long range weapon routine. Varioius Da Dao methods: Pi, Kang, Liao, Ga, Tiao, Yuan, Sao...etc. An intermediate level routine in Shaolin kungfu.
Yang family spear is a very famous spear routine created in Song dynasty to defend Song. It was said that Yang family spear movements like swimming and flying dragon. Fast & unpredictable.
Complete Spear structure. There are 13 "Ja" spear methods, so it was named as 13 spear. It basically consists of Lan, Na, Ja, Pi, Beng, Ga, Tiao, Chun, Jia, Wuhua ...etc spear methods.
Wide open movements. Well-arranged. Shifting between left and right, moving up and down. Forms linked and played in plum blossom shape. An advanced level routine in Shaolin kungfu.
Shaolin Long Fist was created by 1st emperor of Song dynasty. Based on his experiences combating in battle, he condensed and created this routine. Entire routine has 32 forms.