Other Chinese Martial Arts Series
Whip-Staff (1)
Drunken Sword (1)
Item code: OMA045
Item code: OMA044
by Zhang, Xi Gui
by Sun, Wen Yong
A drunk form based on sword techniques. It looks like drunk but not drunk, awake but not awake, suddenly fast and suddenly slow, with stagger paces, moving the center of gravity smartly. It was created by Sun Rongli.
A short stick used popular in the western part of China. Handy & easy to use. This routine is very changeable, rich in content & unique. Both the tip & the handle are used together. In practice, hands do not lose touch of the whip, which is around the body. Two hands alternate quickly & neatly while waving the whip. It is a set of rare weapon routine
Double Hooks (1)
Item code: OMA046
by Li, Su Zhen
It is one of the oldest weapons in China. It has blade, point, & crescent blade, belonging to multi-blade weapons. Easy to attack but hard to defense. Its major skills are embrace, chop, thrust, lead, push, pull, hook & lock. It should cooperated with phantasmagoric posture to excert its power, so there is an artistic effect that the movements of the hooks like a surged wave.
Double-handed Sword (1)
Broadsword Against Broadsword (1)
Item code: OMA020
Item code: OMA021
by Mao, Jing Guang
by Wang, Xiangqin & Wang, Xifeng
A special sword routine. The sword using in the routine is longer than the regular sword. This special sword is required to be held by two hands. Incommon sword movements.
A paired practice. In the practice, one attacks and another defenses. Through real blade and blade combact, it creates wonderful feeling of danger & risk. This program is and advanced routine which requires solid fundamental skills.
Double Broadsword VS Double Spear (1)
Item code: OMA022
by Wang, Shaoxuan/ Yang, Shengyong/ Wang, Yongsheng
A paired practice. It teach you how to use short weapon like broadsword to defense and defeat long and fierce spears. Through the pracitse, you would learn the techniques to defeat stronger opponents even at a weak position.
Lightning Nunchakus (Two-section stick): Practical Training Method (2)
Item code: OMA042
by Cui, Feng Jing
Nunchakus is a very handy and powerful weapon that allow practicers to play in limited space. Through long term training it greatly increase the power of wrist, balance of body movements, speed, reaction, & stamina.
Single Fast Broadsword (1) Single Fast Sword (1) King Spear (Yang Family Spear) (1)
Item code: OMA028
Item code: OMA029
Item code: OMA030
by Chen, Zhao Xian
Sword is a short weapon. It is evolved from ancient weapons. Shape & length of the sword determine the form and the techniques of a swordplay. This solid and fist swordplay features Ci, Kang, Pi, Chuan, Zhan, Sao, Tou, Tiao....etc sword techniques. It is practised along with various footworks.
by Huang, Da Xiong
A broadsword routine with steady & mighty forces. It basic techniques are Jia, Kan, Cuo, Peng, Gua, Ge, Zhan, Zha, An, Tui, Sao, & Pi. Footworks are agile. Basic footworks include, Gong, Ma, Gui, & Tiao.
This famous spear routine was created by Yang, Zhong Bao (A general in Song Dynasty). It was originally used and trained on horse. It is now trained on the floor. Major techniques are Tiao, Dian, Ce, Sao, Zha. "Hui Ma" Spear is the most famous movement.
Southern Staff (1) Taiji Snow Broadsword (1)
Nunchakus (Two-section stick) (1)
Item code: OMA031 Item code: OMA032
Item code: OMA033
by Zeng, Yan Xia
by Yuan, Bo Wang
by Liu, Wei Jun
Southern Staff is one of the long weapon routine in Southern Fist. Simple, powerful, solid, practical. A wide-spread vivacious staff routine. It major movements are: Pi, Shao, Ci, Tao, Bao, Tian, Bo... staff techniques.
Two-section stick is a fierce short weapon. Light & handy. It can be used in folded form or regular form. Its techniqus basically divided into 3 sections: Attack, Defense, & Counter-attack. Major technqiues include Dian, Xiao, Chou, Tan, Sao, La, Quan, Ti, qiao, Da.
This routine was altered by BoHua Zhang in 60's based on Wulin Snow Broadsword from master LuTong Sun. It changed its fierce & cruel original form to a form that focuses on mind & qi. 
Phoenix Sword 82 Forms (1)
Item code: OMA026
Item code: OMA027
5 Tiger Spear (1)
by Li, ShuXing
Senior Wushu Instructor. She passed wushu 5th level evaluation examination.
by Shen, Hui Li
World Jing Wu Men Routines Champion
It is one of the basic 10 Jing Wu Men Weapon Routines. Its basic techniques are "Lan", "Na", "Ja", ";Wu hua", Its basic spear methods include "Ben", "Pi", "Liao", "Chang", "Dian" associates with "Gong step", "Su step", "To step" to form a balanced spear routine. Emphasize both soft and hard sides. Act like a flying drgaon. This program divided into 4 parts: Major footwork, Major Spear techniques, Routine instruction, Major points explanations.
A splendid taiji sword routine. Its forms are relatively slow and more suitable for elders. Movements are pretty like art pieces. This program is divided into 12 sections to help you easily learn this routine step by step.
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