Self-Defense VCD Series
Taiji Applications Series
Tai Chi Practical Techniques:
Solving & Power Issuing Techniques, ChinNa (1)
Tai Chi SanShou & ChinNa (2)
Item code: SD014
Item code: SD015
Tai Chi Practical Techniques:
Correct Usage of Basic Tai Chi Push Hands (1)
Tai Chi Practical Techniques:
Usage of Throw-hitting, Drop-releasing Hand Methods (1)
Item code: SD016
Item code: SD017
Chinese Wrestling
by Li, Bao Ru, Chinese National Wrestling Team Coach
Demonstration of Chinese Wrestling (1)
Practical Wrestling Techniques 1 (1)
Item code: SD006
Item Code: SD023
New Item !!
Basics of Chinese Wrestling (1)
Practical Wrestling Techniques 2 (1)
Item code: SD007
Item Code: SD027
Basic exercises for better physique, ability, agility, power-controling, & body-harmoney.
Chinese wrestling is a very old sport event. Its history over 1000 ywar old. Basic hand methods of Chinese wrestling is Di Shou (hand), Shang Shou, Yong Shou, Yuan Shou, Qing Shou, Ye Shou, Le Shou, Deng Shou, Ying Shou...etc. It also contains sweeping skills & kicking methods. It is an important skill in free sparring system.
Wrestling Clothing, Hand Methods, & Footwork (1)
Item code: SD008
Practical Techniques on Attack & Defense of Chinese Wrestling (3)
Fundamental of Weapon Usage (1)
Item code: SD013
Item code: SD009
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