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Fists (Quan) & Leg Forms
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WuSong Tuokao Fist (1)
Southern Style White Eyebrow Cross Fist (1)
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US$7.99, 1 disc
US$7.99, 1 disc
This fist play is the fundamental for any beginner of Baimei (White Eyebrow) fist play. It is gained wide prpularity among kungfu plays for such merits as bringing the internal work and external work into harmony, taking advantage of traits of other schools in boxing and combining attack with retreat by a cycle of flexible, forceful blows at a great speed. This fist play is demonstrated by Rong Junye, the nationwide gold medal winner of Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Competition.
This routine was adapted from the story, Wusong break manacles in Feiyunpu. Entire routine has 16 hand techniques and 6 leg skills accompanied with different elbow, shoulder, and crotch skills. The play is demonstrated by Dai Yuesheng, the top trainer and State-rate referce of martial Arts from the kaifeng Police College in Central China's Henan province.
Hua Tan Palm (1)
Su Shen Fist (Dragon 9 Forms) (1)
Item Code: OMA055
Item Code: OMA056
by Wu Shi Jun
by Wu Shi Jun, assisted by Chen, Yuzhen
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US$7.99, 1 disc
Hua Tan Palm is a Taoist routine. It belongs to Long fist. Palm is the major hand method. Movements are light, agile, splendid, & fast. It was called "Wen" fist and was listed with Three Emperor Cannon fist as "Wen" "Wu" fist. Entire routine has 36 movements. It was also called "36 forms Frame Fist". It was used as training routine before taiji practice by famous taiji master Yang, RuZen & Yang, BanHou.
Dragon 9 Forms imitated 9 representative & well-known dragon movements combining qigong inhale & exhale methods. Footwork are changeable & agile, body methods are like swimming dragon. A health-preserving exercise particularly for ladies.
Essences of Nan Chuan (2)
Nan Quan (Southern Fist) (1)
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Item code: OMA014
US$13.99, 2 discs
US$7.99, 1 disc
Nan Quan (southern fist) is a well-known wushu in China. This film is the performance collection of foremost Nan Chuan master from Guangdong, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Hubei, Hunan, & Jiangxi  provinces.
Buddha Fist (1)
Dragon Form Fist (1)
Eagle Claw Fist (1)
Item Code: OMA043
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By Yuan, Bo Wong
by Ma, Guo Hui
by Shi Yan Mong/ Shi Heng Wei
US$7.99, 1 disc
US$7.99, 1 disc
US$7.99, 1 disc
Buddha fist was originated from Shaolin Temple. At the end of Qing Dynasty, master TianZu Liang taught it to the public. It is now a very common routinein Guangdong region & Hong Kong. It features Chun, Pi, Gua, Cha, Ding...hand methods. Footworks are adjustable quickly, so it has high requirement on lower body. Even entire is hard & solid, it still contains its softness, like buddha has its kindness. Actions are emhpasis on "grasppling" not "killing", protecting not attacking.
Dragon Form Fist was created by Shaolin monk WuMei in Beginning of Qing Dynasty. Then it was passed on to monk Dayu. Master Lin, YaGui learned it from monk Dayu and taught it in his wushu school in 20's. He died in Hong Kong in 1965 at a high age of 95. Ma, Qi is his inheritor who is the chairman of Guandong Dragon Fist Association. His son Ma, GuoHui started learning this form from 6 years old. He won several medals in wushu competition.
Eagle Claw Fist is a form that imitates eagle's movements. Hand methods, as its name, are mostly claw methods. It features fast attacking movements & agile footwork. Grasppling should be fast, fierce, & acurate. Grappling & hitting at the same time. Entire routine has various hand methods. They are inter-changable with strong senses of attack & defence. Basic hand methods are Diao, Na, Suo, Ko, Zhua, Da, Lo, Go, Guo, Fa, Ben, Qi, Kao, & Za traditional techniques.
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Long Fist (1)
Mok Family Fist (1)
Ben Fist (1)
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Item Code: OMA037
Item Code: OMA038
by Huang, Ming Jian
US$7.99, 1 disc
by Gao, Xiang/ Yin Guo Jie
US$7.99, 1 disc
Mok Family fist was originated from Nan Quan (Southern Fist). It has 200 years of history. It was told the form was first taught by a Shaolin Temple monk in Fujian Province. It is now a very common routine practised by Guangdong people. It features closely linked hand methods & powerful movements
US$7.99, 1 disc
Long fist is a common wushu competition routine. Entire routine is well-arranged. Splendid movements with strong senses of attack & defense. It trains mind, increase physical ability, sense of balance, & reaction.
Ben Fist is a straight fist. Fists are straight front. Fist eye up, palm facing inside, forces at the front surface of the fist. Storing forces & hit opponents at close distance. Arms usually not full-extended means some forces are from wrist. This program includes applications & mixed applications of Ben Fist.
Training 18 Methods (1)
Northern Leg Kicking (1) Xia Fist Xiao (Small) Lou Han (Arhat) (1)
Item Code: OMA039
Item Code: OMA040
Item Code: OMA041
by Jiang, Yu Lan by Ma, Xiao Bin
by Lu, Guo Qing
US$7.99, 1 disc US$7.99, 1 disc
US$7.99, 1 disc
Entire exercise is a combination of movements leading by head & shoulder basically for upper body. Through head & upper body movements to harmonize from head, neck, shoulder, arm, to fingers. It improves oxidation & restoration of musles & other parts of body, blood circulation.
Northern Leg Guan Dong Fist is one of major fist among 5 Major Northern Fists. It was originated from Shandong province. It was told that it was created by Cha Mei Er. It was only popular among Hui people in the past. It is now one of the most popular Northern wushu. It features free sparring. It contains a lot of kicking methods and throwing techniques. Entire routine is well-linked, has 10 routines. This program only demonstrate and instruct 5th routine. Some of the remaining routines are either lost or altered.
It is an external routine & sanshou techniques in Xia Family Fist. A fist routine emphasizes both softness & hardness usage. Half softness & half hardness. Most movements use spiral/circular force (Luo Xuan Jing) & centrifugal force (Li Xin Jing). It is common in southern China.
Long Fist 1 (1)
about an hour
Long Fist Section 1,2 (1)
Long Fist Section 3 (1)
Item code: OMA009
US$7.99, 1 disc
Item Code: OMA023
Item Code: OMA024
US$7.99, 1 disc
US$7.99, 1 disc
by Li, Hui & Lei, Peng
Professional Wushu Trainer
by Li, Hui
Professional Wushu Trainer
Long Fist is a required routine for all wushi practiser. It is the most beginning routine in Chinese martial arts.
Long Fist 2 (1)
about an hour
Long Fist DVD for Youth/Beginners
Item code: OMA010
US$7.99, 1 disc
Da Bei Chuan (3)
Ba Fa (8-Method) Fist (1)
Item code: OMA017
by SiJie Wu, national coach
US$19.99, 3 discs
Item code: OMA016
US$7.99, 1 disc
by Master Xiuchuan Qiao,
3rd generation successor of Da Bei Chuan and a Committee of Beijing Wushu Association
This form was created at the end of Qing dynasty by master DaMao Li. Combined the important parts of TonBei, Rebounding Leg, Hsing-I and Fanzi.
This set of internal exercise is combined the body and hand methods of Tai Chi, Bagua and Hsing-I. Spread widely in Northern China.
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