Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
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Traditional Yang Style Old Frame Taijiquan 188 Forms (1)
by Li, Wei Pei
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This form was created by Yang style taijiquan master Li, BanHou & his friends using to train himself, seldom taught to others. Beginning of 50's, Great master of taiji push hand Bai, QingZhai was luckily taught this form and became famous in push hand techniques due to this form. This form is the Da Jia of Yang style taijiquan. Big open & close, big up & down, big real & fake.
Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan:
Push Hand Techniques (1)
Yang Style 13 Forms
Tai Chi Broadsword (1)
by master Zhang, Ji Zong
by master Li, Cheng Xiang
3rd generation inheritor of
Taiji 5 Elements Tonbei Fist
Item code: YTJ007
Item Code: YTJ006
by master Yang, Zheng Duo
About Performer:Master Zhengduo Yang is one of the major inheritior of Yang Style Taiji Quan, 4th generation exponent. He was born in 1926 in Yongnian County, Hebei Province, China. He began learning Yang Style Taiji Quan, Taiji Swords, and push hand from his father at 3 years old.
Yang Style Tai Chi Sword (1)
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Yang style Tai Chi Chuan (6)
Item code: YTJ017
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Yang Style Tai Chi Broadsword (1)
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Yang Style (Imperial form) Tai Chi Chuan
by Master
Li, Zhen
Yang Imperial Style Tai Chi Ball (1)
Yang Imperial Style Tai Chi DaJia (4)
Item code: YTJ001
Item code: YTJ002
Taiji Ball exercise was an advanced skill of Taiji internal exercise. In the long history, master of each generation like this and often practice it. This exercise was kept secret. Li Zheng was the first man who made Taiji Ball known to the public. We believe that it can give some new insights to the Taiji learners.
Taiji Big Frame is the basic of the Fu-Lei Yang-Style Taiji Quan. The posture of the player is stable with slow movements of two hands. This boxing is played in a graceful way with hands reaching out slowly and roundly and keeping calm.  Move in bow step with head upright, shoulders dropping, belly in and holding the hip's level. Move the two hands continuously as if pulling a silk line and walk steadily and nimbly like a cat, trying to be active in stillness and still in activeness. As a basic routine of Yang-Style Taiji Quan, it is highly helpful for the circulation of blood.
Yang Imperial Style Tai Chi:
Wisdom Hammer (1)
Yang Imperial Style Tai Chi Old Frame (4)
Item code: YTJ004
Item code: YTJ003
While playing Taiji Old Frame, the player should keep his movements accurate and successive. His posture is quiet and active and he keeps his steps in three different ways and his hands up and down respectively. The body posture is convenient for fighting and the hand techniques are good for practical purposes. Keeping steady in light steps is one of the basic techniques in this routine of Taiji Quan.
Wisdom Hammer is the fundamental of this style and also the threshold to lead you into wisdom.  Main techniques in this boxing include side strike, parry and punch, thrust, finger block and punch and punch under the elbow. The movements of this boxing are simple, clear, fast and forceful. It can not only help beginners to understand the advantages of Yang-Style Taiji Quan but also let the relatively skilled feel the magic power and its uniqueness of Yang's Taiji Quan.
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