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Northern Shaolin Kungfu VCD Series
Northern Shaolin
5 Animals 8 Methods Fist (2)

about 100 mins
Item Code: SL045
Northern Shaolin
ZhenShan Staff (1)

about 60 mins
Item Code: SL046
Northern Shaolin Vajra
Falchion (GuanDao) (2)

about 100 mins
Item Code: SL044
About Performer: Master Qing Feng Qin, who passed 7th level of wushu grading test, is now a committee member of Beijing Wushu Association.
by Master Qin, Qing Feng
Shaolin Vajra Falchion was graduately evolved from ancient rangers formation and formed in Mid-Song kingdom, about 400 years ago. Its froms is fierce & powerful.
Shaolin 5 Animals 8 Methods Fist was originated from Vajra Fist which was formed at the end of Sond Kingdom, beginning of Yuan Dynasty. It combined Shaolin 5 Fist at the beginning of Qing Dynasty, about 250 years ago, & formed this set. 5 Animals: Dragon trains mind, tiger trains bone, leopard trains power, snake trains qi, crane trains spirit. 8 Methods: Internal Gong, External Gong, mind method, fist, leg & footworks, body, grapping, and qi usage.
ZhenShan Staff is an old and rare staff routine which is almost lost hundreds years ago. It has 16 practical techniques for close and long range defense and attack.
by Zhang, Ji Zong
Shaolin ChuoJiao (Tumbling Legs) (1)
Item Code: SL047
Shaolin 8 Step Linked Fist (1)
Item Code: SL048
by Wong, Xue Qiang, 4th generation kins disciple of Taiji 5 Elements Tonbei Fist
Shaolin TaiZu (Ancestor) Branch VCD Series
by Master Li, Cheng Xiang
Item Code: SL052
Item Code: SL055
Item Code: SL054
Item Code: SL053
About Performer: Master Cheng Xiang Li is 5th generation inheritor of Shaolin Taizhu Branch. He is also the President of HaErBin City Wushu Club.
Taizu Long Fist (Section 2) (1)
Taizu Long Fist (Section 1) (1)
Demonstration of Shaolin Taizu Fist & Weapon Routines (1)
ShaolinTaizu Short Staff (1)
About the form: Taizu Fist is one of 18 Shaolin Fist Families. It's the 1st family among 18. Totally, 16 sectons of Long Fist. Most routines were lost and only 6 kinds left. It is a traditional Shaolin kungfu from Sung dynasty, about 1000 years ago.
Demonstration of Taizu Family kungfu, including Short staff, Taizu Long Fist. It's a excellent demonstration material on traditional Shaolin kungfu.
Short staff also named as Bian Gan (whip staff). Its length is 13 times width of practicers' hand. Routine is combined the staff methods of 5 Yin Staff and 7 Hand Staff. Feacturing Fast, highly practical, & natural body method.
This program presents 1st section of the 16-sectioned Taizu Long Fist. Movements are firm, fast, & poised.
Beginning of Taizu Long Fsit 2nd section is the end of 1st section. Movements are firm, fast, & posied.