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Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
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Wu Style Tai Chi Broadsword (1)
54 mins
Wu Style Tai Chi Sword (2)
125 mins
Demonstration of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan & Weapon Routines (1)
0 mins
Wu Style Tai Chi Push Hand & Sparring Exercises (1)
48 mins
Competition Routines of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (2)
110 mins
Item Code: WTJ05
Item Code: WTJ06
Traditional Routines of Wu Style Tai Chi Chuan (3)
193 mins
by master Li, Bingci
About Performer: Master Bingci Li was born in Tongxian County, Beijing in 1929. In 1958, he won the Excellent Award at the National Conference; At 1st National Game of China in 1959, he won the fourth place for Tai Chi Chuan; In 1977 & 1987, he was the headcoach for PRC National Team; In 1985, he was appointed as the Vice President of Tokyo Taiji Quan Association; In 1987, he was appointed as the judge for the National Wushu Academic Symposium. Li is now a committee member of China Wushu Coaching Association & Beijing Wushu Association, Vice President Wu-style Tai Chi Research Institute.
Wu2 style  is called 13 Taichi Broadsword Chops because it has only 13 tai chi broadsword practicing phrases without names for each movements. Unlike sword play, each sword movement has its own name.
This boxing is practical in combat and good for health. It's also a training approach for Taichi Chuan exercisers to improve their skills. According to kinetic principles the movements are designed to lure the opponent to lose balance and fall down by sticking to the opponent's hands, following his move upper and down using the skill, instead of the force.   
Wu2 style Taichi swordplay is rich in movements, exquisite in skills, graceful, natural and smooth in perfomance. It's the most difficult one in Taichi swordplays. While practicing, your attention, body and the sword should act as one.  The movements are performed with cleanness and distinction.  Their changes should be in harmony. Your internal energy and external performance should be well coordinated. 
This routine consists of 326 movements that are divided into 83 forms with every form numbered by an odd and an even figure. Odd figure means opening and even means closing. Opening and closing are naturally arranged. The forward step is comfortable and the backward one is wide, with each step big. During practice, the internal energy and external performance should act as one and both body and mind are trained together.
This VCD is a selection of the essential performances of Wu2 style Taichi Chuan, broadsword and sword, fully displaying it's features and firmness cloaked beneath gentleness, internal energy, and external performance acting as one and both body & mind trained together.
These routines comply with the contest requirements in time, content, and arrangements. Their performances are light, quiet, and smooth; and the arrangements should be compact and natural. The player steps in oblique circles, keeping his body upright.
Wu2 Style 13 Forms
Tai Chi Broadsword (1)
about an hour
Item Code: WTJ07
by master Li, Cheng Xiang
4th generation inheritor of Wu2 style Taiji and President of HaErBin Wushu Club
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