"Ultimate" Fighting Series
A modern fighting techniques which contains the essenses of self defense skills for police & soliders, Akido, Thai boxing, & Jeet Kune Do. They are direct, simple, & high effective attacking techniques focusing on opponents' weakness.
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Kicking & Leg Methods (1)
Fighting Strategies (1) Fist Methods (1)
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This program teach the most important thing in fighting which is fighting strategies, how to control the opponents' movement to keep the initiative. It is divided in 11 parts: 1. Will to fight; 2. Introduction to weakness; 3. Defense; 4. Head start; 5. Interception; 6. Kicking to solve fist attack; 7. Kicking to solve kicking attack; 8. counter-attacl; 9. Inducement; 10. Linked methods; 11. Quick solution.
Leg method is a more powerful & efficient way to attack & defend than fist. This program teach you the most common, most effective leg methods which help you contro; the initiative in a fight. 1. Introduction to "Ultimate fighting techniques"; 2. Introduction to leg method & simple fighting techniques; 3. Advanced techniques; 4. Continuous kicking method.
This program shows how to use fist skills to control the fight and keep the advantage of being initiative. It is divided into 4 aprts: 1. Introduction to "Ultimate fighting technqies"; 2. Simple fist skills; 3. Advanced fist skills; 4. fist skills to break out of encirclement.
Sanshou /San Da (Free Sparring) Series
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Shaolin Luohan San Da
(Free Sparring) (1)
Practical Sanshou Techniques (1) San Da (Free Sparring) (1)
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by Wu Bing/ Wu Dong
by Yuan, Bo Wang
by Si Heng Wei/ Si Yan Ming
Sanshou also named as SanDa which is an empty hand combat techniques using kicking, hitting, & throwing. Sanshou is a common form of combat. This program demonstrate & teach Sanshou hand methods, footworks, leg methods, elbow methods, knee methods, & their combinations. Practical defense & throwing methods are clearly taught. This program is divided into 11 parts. Each part teach you one practical method & its usage.
San Da is an empty hand combat format using different kicking, hitting, & throwing... methods. This program collects different San Da hand methods, fist methods, leg methods through systematic teaching method to show it to audiences. A valuable material in learning San Da.
It is a well-developed free sparring through hundred years experience of Shaolin warrior monks. Simple, solid, & agile movements closely linked to generate this remarkable attacking & defending skill. Usage of different forces are variable & flexiable. Major techniques are kick, hit, throw, grappling, drop, hook, wind, lock, point,..... etc. It can bit an opponents in a short period of time. A valuable set of free sparring techniques.
Practical Combat Techniques (1)
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Major Attacking Techniques (1)
Defense & Counter-attack Techniques (1)
Practical Grappling & Throwing (1)
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Divided into 4 parts: Postures for attack, basic footworks, upper body attacking techniques, & lower body attacking techniques.
Divided into 4 parts: Practical throwing, active grapping; passive grapping & counter grapping.
Divided into 5 parts: Upper body defense, lower body defense, dodging skills, other defense skills, & practising of counter-attack.
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