Sun Lu Tang Hsing-I Series
by master Deng, Fu Ming
About the performer: Master Fu Ming Deng is 3rd generation inheritor of Sun Lu Tang Hsing-I & Bagua.
Applications of Xing Yi 8 Forms Fist (1)
Applications of Mixed Hammer Fist (1)
Applications of Xing Yi 12 Animal Forms (2)
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This program covers the applications of Mixed Hammer Fist. It is a major routine of Xing Yi. It helps increasing internal strength & leading qi to flow freely in the body. Highest level is: Fist is not fist; Mind does not contain mind. From "without mind" to "with mind" then "mind without mind".
Xing Yi 8 Forms is the essenses of 12 Animals Forms & 5 Elements Fist. Training methods of those forms apply to 8 Forms. It is the real meaning of imitation fist (not to focus on smiliarity of forms), steady footwork, straight body, hardness with softness, internal & external balance, solid forces, agile, & clear. Avoid anger & dull external forces. San Ti Standing pole is the most basic & important standing pole. Basic requirement for 10 parts of body: loose shoulder, arm hanging down, sitting wrist, holding palm, draw back hip, locking knee, steady feet, collapsing waist, & holding chest.
Heaven created Yin Yang and 5 elements. Everything contains its own Qi. It programs cover 12 animal forms & its applications. A important routine in Xing Yi. Balancing Yin Yang, 5 elements is the highest level of Xing Yi.
Applications of An Sheng Pao Fist (1)
Applications of 5 Elements Fist (1) 5 Elements Mutually Subdued Fist Sparring Exercises (1)
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This routine is one of the routines shows entire body methods usages of Xing Yi. Train well & practicers would notice its interchangeability and flexiablity. Act without mind is the highest level of the form. Full of forces.
5 Elements fist train Qi & spirit. Everything emphaizes "natural". Help combining qi & forces. San Ti Standing pole is the basic standing posture. Softness along with hardness. well-balanced, fast, various forms. It covers the applications of 5 Elements fist.
This routine was edited based on 5 Elements fist. It used the theroies of mutual reinforcement & mutual opposition of 5 elments to form this dual practice. Its major forms are: Pi Fist solve Ben Fist, Cannon fist solve Pi Fist, Zan fist solve Cannon fist, Hen fist solve Zan fist, & Ben fist solve Hen fist.
Applications of Snow Slicing Broadsword (1)
Applications of Xing Yi Spear (1)
Chun Yang Sword (1)
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This routine was also called Xing Yi Linked Spear. Spear moves with body movements closely. Tight, clean, & various movements. Major skills are Pi (cut), Gua (hang), Za (smash), Gai (cover), Guo (bind), Jiao (stir), & Zha (prick). It was a Hebei Xing Yi routine. It was taught widely in TangShan.
Sun Lu Tang's Snow Slicing Broadsword is a rare broadsword routine. Its forms are fierce & fast. Pi (cut), Kan (chop), Liao (sweep), Ci (pierce), Chun (moving fast), Pa (grab), & Feng (roll) different skills. Agile footwork & various body mehtod. Unpredicable broadsword movemnents.
Chun Yang Sword was called Xing Yi Sword. Its essence was same as Xing Yi Quan, but skills & method of application was different. Sword skills & empty hand skills were all important. Forms contained merits of different Xing Yi forms & enhanced internal strength.
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