Wushu For Youth VCD Series
by Yu, Hongqing
Champion of National Wushu Competition
Fist Exercise for Children (1)
A simple wushu exercise specially designed for children. It includes basic wushu hand, fist, footwork, leg methods. It is an excellent simple physical education lesson for children.
by Zhang, Li Hui
About the performer: Instructor Lihui Zhang passed her 5th level Chinese Wushu evalution and she is an outstanding athlete in China.
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About Instructor: Coach of TianShu Sports School, Senior National Wushu Coach
by Li, ZhenLing
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Wushu Routines
Supplementary Exercises (1)
Wushu Basic III (1)
Wushu Basic I (1)
Wushu Basic II (1)
1. Hand Forms: Introduction to Fists, Palms, Hook Hands
2. Hand Forms Practice: Chuang Fist, Push Palm
3. Footwork Practice: Gong Step, Ma Step, She Step, Pu Step, Xie Step.
4. Body Training: Warm up, upper body exercises, lower body exercises, combination training, balance training.
1. Combination Training: Jumping, backward running, crossing steps, & other 13 different training methods.
2. Hand methods and footwork combination training: Gong step chuang fist, Ma step chuang fist & other 5 different combinations.
3. Jumping Training: Running Jump, Kicking, Turning Kick & more.
4. Hit & somersault Training: Side Throwing, Side somersault, Reverse smersault & more.
Long Fist Basic Skills (2)
Long Fist 1st Routine (1)
Long Fist 3rd Routine (1)
Long Fist 2nd Routine (1)
Spear (1)
Staff (1)
Sword (1)
Broadsword (1)
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(2) Double
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1. Leg-wedging: Front wedging, Side wedging, Cross wedging & more
2. Leg method: Front kick, Side Kick, Cross kick, Lihe Leg & more.
The basic skills of Chang Quan (Long Fist) are the foundation for practicing boxing.  They include the hand form, hand techniques, footwork, foot form, leg techniques and so on.  Practice the basic skills and basic movements more often to constantly improve the pliability, speed, endurance and health.
The movements of Chang Quan (Long Fist) calls for a clear distinction between motion & stillness and quick & slow movements.  With clear performance, imposing manner, and a strong sense of rhythm, the children are in the process of growth, and in the best phase to improve the agility and coordination ability.  Therefore, the long-style boxing is one of the most suitable kinds of Kung Fu for children.
The entire routine can be diveded into 4 segments, and it consists of 34 forms.  It includes the hand forms, stances, hand techniques, and leg techniques.  The movements are simple and easy, most movement are practiced in straight lines, and it is suitable for beginners.
1. Group Combination Training
2. Standard Fist Routine for Youth
3. Single practice & Sparring practice: Single Broadsword VS Spear, Three person fighting training, self-chosen sword, spear, & staff, Double broadsword VS Spear.
4. Self-chosen Routines
This routine is divided into 18 movements, including several combination sword movements associating with basic footwork, body method & balancing method. Skilled Wrist is the key to play sword. Requires well-coordinated hand, eyes, body, methods, & footwork.
The Cudgel Play routine consists of 2 parts:  17 forms with various kinds of cudgel technques, such as circling, pulling tilting, poking and uppercutting with cudgel; the footwork and foot form.  The movements are natural and simple, the attack and defend techniques are well arranged and regarded as the standard in this filed. When practicing, the body and weapon must be coordinated well; the movements must be done rapidly and forcefully.
It consists of 16 movements. It covers most basic spear method, including "Wu hua", "Pointing", "Pushing", "Pulling", Lan", "Grappling"...etc. Different combination of spear methods and basic footwork to form this simple spear routine. Easy to access.
This routine consists of 18 movements. It includes various broadsword methods. Requires the coordination of hands and broadsword. It helps practicers to develop better body requirements for more advanced wushu skills & faster reaction.