Wudang Flying Dragon Bagua VCD Series
by master Dan, Gui Wen
About the performer: He was champions of National Bagua, Hsing-I, Staff & Sword Competion, 25th generation inheritor of Wudang Zhang San Feng Natural Sec. and Wushu Professor of Liao Yang University.
Dragon Bagua Palm (1)
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Dragon Bagua Palm is also called 8 Major Palm or 8 Form Fist. It is the basic palm skills of Wudang Zhang San Feng Natural Sec. Circling with different hand, body, footwork methods. Through circling, adjust qi and figure. Hardness within softness. Each movements are clear and solid. Fundation for good bagua skills.
Forces are both soft with hard or hard with soft. Circling is like swimming dragon, turnings are like eagle spreading wings. An excellent fundamental routine.
Flying Dragon Bagua Palm: Part 1 (1)
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Flying Dragon Bagua Palm: Part 2 (1)
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Flying Dragon Bagua Palm was one of the core techniques of Wudang Zhang San Feng Natural Sec. It was founded in Lu Mt. (Wudang Lu Mt. Kungfu VCD, click here). In Ming Dynasty, Lu Mt. was a military fortress. Many wars occured there. Taoist priests practise this routine to protect their home and temple. This form was based on fundamentals of bagua palm associating with I-Ching, fighting techniques, fighting experience, & internal taoist gong. Its unique characteristics, closely linked form structure formed this practical Flying Dragon Bagua Palm. Major 8 Palms are Single Closing Palm, Two Changing Palm, Sun Xin Palm, Xu Xin Palm, Hui Xin Palm, Closing Hand Palm, Dragon Palm, & Snake Palm. 8 major palms then evolved into 64 "Fly-walking 8 Gates Swimming Body Palm". It was a secret routine that was never shown to the public in hundred of years.
Due to political reasons, just before cultural revolution, the head priest, Liu MiaoYuan, told his disciple priest, Yang MingXian to return to home village as a normal person (no longer as a priest) and the form was started teaching outside the temple.
The Taoist form was unique because it was not influenced by other forms. Classic movements, different from common bagua palm. Clear and unique 64 forms. 64 Forms = 64 Gua in I-Ching. A valuable classic wushu treasure.
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