Wudang Lu Shan (Mountain) Kungfu Series
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Wudang Bagua Palm (2)
5 Elements Linked Fist (1)
Zhang San Feng's Tai Chi Chuan (3)
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Wudang 13 Sword (2)
Wudang Flying Dragon Sword (2)
About the Performer: Master Ping Wong is 26th generation inheritor of Wudang Lu Shan San Feng Natural Sec.
by master Wong, Ping
San Feng Taiji, an internal fist, was created by Wudang grand ancestor Zhang San Feng. It absorbed Hsing-I, Bagua. An ultimate taiji form showing the best of wudang taiji.
Bagua is one among three most important forms in Wudang kungfu. It represents taoist health-preserving, self-defense methods. This routine based on 8 major standing posture as turning palm method associating with 8 big circle hand, eight steps as fundamental movements.
Three body postures and Pi, Ben, Jian, Bao, & Hen (5 fists) are the basic movements. One part of the body moves other parts follow. Movements linked well. Smooth & steady footwork. Mind & Spirit, Spirit & Qi, Qi & Force all in one.
This routine requires practisers to act quick. Smoothly move like running cat; fast like swimming dragon. The harmonization of body & sword is very important. To freely play it, practisers need to remember "Fixed rule has its own rule and doesn't have its own rule".
In the routine, Zou (walk), Bian (change), Kuai (fast), Ling (agile), Gang (hard), Rou (soft) mutually assist each other is its specialty. Body method, Sword method, & footworks act in one. Well-linked & smoothly played.