Wu3 Tai Chi Chuan Series
by Sun, Jian Guo
Taiji Quan 84 Forms (4)
2nd routine Hammer & Applications (2)
Item Code: WTC021
Item Code: WTC022
This routine focuses on changes of body method. Central of gravity of each movements are relied on the changes of legs position, not by leaning the body forward & backward. Hand form is Wuhua hand.  Footwork is "Ding 8 Step". Using internal strength to control the movements of body.
This routine features linking softness & hardness in harmony, using movements of external branch, & using strength of internal branch. 2nd routine hammer is practical applications & sparring exercises. Steady bodywork, footwork. Not fast & not slow. Sudden power with jumping movements. Agile & changeable.
Taiji Quan Push Hand (1)
Item Code: WTC023
Natural footwork and Stable bodywork. Move when it requires & stay still when it requires. Through different movements, you can realise its health preserving and fighting meaning. The most important things are usage of momentum, body methods, power-issuing method, & flip forces.
Taiji Broadsword (1)
Taiji Sword (1)
Item Code: WTC025
Item Code: WTC024
Major broadsword skills are Li Jian Wan (inner cutting wrist), Wai Jian Wan (outer cutting wrist), Zuo Wan (still wrist), & Liao Wan (sprinkle wrist). Most movements are walking big circles and turning external circles. Agile footwork.
Close & tight body methods. Sword moves closely with body. Steady footwork & smooth movements. Each movement contains sense of attacking and defending. Major skills are Dian (point), Ben (collapse), Ci (pierce), Fang (reverse), Sao (sweep), Li Jian Wan (inner cutting wrist), Wai Jian Wan (outer cutting wrist), Zuo Wan (still wrist), & Liao Wan (sprinkle wrist). Various & interchangable. Most movements are walking small circles and turning inner circles.
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