Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan DVD Series
Chinese & English Subtitles
by master Li, Bing Ci
About the Performer: Master Bingci Li was born in Tongxian County, Beijing in 1929. In 1958, he won the Excellent Award at the National Conference; At 1st National Game of China in 1959, he won the fourth place for Tai Chi Chuan; In 1977 & 1987, he was the headcoach for PRC National Team; In 1985, he was appointed as the Vice President of Tokyo Taiji Quan Association; In 1987, he was appointed as the judge for the National Wushu Academic Symposium. Li is now a committee member of China Wushu Coaching Association & Beijing Wushu Association, Vice President Wu-style Tai Chi Research Institute.
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Demonstration of Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan & Its Weapon Routines
Traditional Routine of Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan
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Duration: 193 Minutes, 3 DVD Discs
Duration: 50 Minutes, Single DVD
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This is a selection of the essential performances of Wu2 style taiji quan, broadsword, & swordplay, fully displaying Wu2 style Taiji quan's features of hardness & softness in harmony, internal energy & external performance acting as one & both body & mind trained together.
Traditional routine of Wu2 style Tai Chi Chuan has 83 forms & seperate into 326 movements. Each form has two movements organized by odd & even numbers. Odd number means opening & even number means closing. Opening & closing are naturally arranged. Its movements are well arranged. During practice, the internal energy & external movements should act in one & both body and mind are trained together.
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Push Hand & Sparring Exercise
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Chuan Competition Routine
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Duration: 110 Minutes, 2 DVD Discs
Length: 48 Minutes, Single DVD
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Taiji Pushing hands is one kind of sparring event by two persons. It is practical in combat & good for health. It is also a training approach for Taiji quan exercises to improve skills. This technique is developed according to kinetic principles to lure the opponent to lose balance & fall down by sticking to the opponent's hands, following his move up & down during which it is the skill, not the force that is mainly relied on. The taiji Gluing Poles is the extention from the Taijiquan, and it is a method to improve taiji gong with the degree of difficulty.
This routine conforms to the competition requirement in time, contents, & arrangements. It has its own characteristics as the following: the movements are light, quiet, smooth, & moderately wide. It focuses on the "JlI" shaped steps, and keep body upright when slanting in practicing.
Traditional Wu2 Style Tai Chi Sword
Wu2 Style Tai Chi Broadsword
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Duration: 125 Minutes, 2 DVD Discs
Duration: 54 Minutes, Single DVD
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Taiji sword is a short weapon routine. It belongs to the category of soft-body weapon. It contains the elements of wushu techniques featuring gentleness & continuity. Mind leads sword movements. Traditional Wu2 style Tai Chi Sword is rich in mvements, exquisite in skills, graceful, natural, & smooth in performance. It is the most difficult one in Taiji swordplay series. When practicing, the body & sword should be act as one, the movements of sword should be clear & distinctm & their changes should be in harmony. Your internal energy & external movements should be well-coordinated.
Traditional Taiji Broadsword is called "13 Taiji Broadsword" because the movements have only 13 pithy formulas, different from the empty hand & sword which has name on each movement. Taiji broadsword is a short weapon. Its movements are all based on the foorwork & body movements of empty hand form. The movements of Taiji broadsword are well-linked, clear, & smooth. During practice, you should focus on the hardness with softness hiding in; the hands & broadsword should be well-coordinated.
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Wu2 Style Tai Chi VCDs
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