Southern Shaolin Temple Kungfu
by Ruan, Dong
An instructor who passed 7th level wushu evaluation.
Ming He (Crane) Fist (3)
Item Code: SSL30
"Ming" means shout out, "He" means crane. It is an imitation routine. It contains plenty of palm forms., so its major skills focus on upper body forms. While practising it, it is recommended to shout out to help its momentum. This is the reason this form was named "Ming He" Fist.
Applications of Southern Shaolin Series
by Liang, Shou Zhong
An important disciple of master Wen, Lai Shen
Shan Zhen (3 Uprights) (1) Si Men (4 Gates) (1)
Item Code: SSL31 Item Code: SSL32
Lohan (Arhat) Fist place an importance on the word "Zhen" (upright, proper). 3 Uprights is refering to Head "upright", Body "upright", & Step "upright". Head uprights includes neck, eyes; Body upright includes chest, back, waist, abdomen; Step upright includes hip, knee, step, & crotch. Every movements require proper speed, angle, & strength. Si Men requires fast movements. While you are punching, you can hear the wind. Using mind to generate qi, using qi to issue forces. Varied footwork with fast & short range fist forms. Good for close combat.
Ba Bu (8 Steps) (1)
Shi Si Zi (14 Words) (1)
Item Code: SSL33
Item Code: SSL34
This routine basically trains 4 upper body movements & 4 lower body movements. Upper body movements are Tiao (Pick), Da (hit), Wei (Surround), Dian (point); Lower body movements are Shao (Sweep), Gou (Hook), Ti (Kick), Bai (Swing). 14 Words is an application of Shaolin Luhan (Arhat) Fist. Its fist is fast & powerful. Footworks are natural & agile. This form has close relation with Northern Shaolin forms.
Other Series by Liang, Shou Zhong on Wen Lai Shen's kungfu
Zi Ran Men (Natural Branch) Series II
Zi Ran Men (Nartural Branch) Series IV
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