Ma's Health Preserving VCD Series
by master Ma, Xu Zhou
About the performer: Inheritor of Qi Cultivation Gong, Creator of Ma's Eye Protection Method, General Instructor of Ma Zha Tang style . She is given "Messanger of Brightness & Health".
Health Preserving Tai Chi (2)
Health Preserving 8 Foot Steps (1)
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Content: 2 VCD discs
Content: 1 VCD disc
Ma's tai chi was created by former master Ma Zha Tang based on the medical effects of taiji against different disceases. It skillfully combined the essenses of qigong & taiji. It uses Yin Yang theory, possitive interplay of stillness & activeness, and xing yi quan theory (3 internal & 3 outer harmonies. 3 internal harmonies are harmony of mind & qi, heart & mind, & qi & forces; 3 outer harmonies, hand & feet, elbow & knee, shoulder & hip) to reach health purpose.
This form is using different foot steps to reach health preserving purpose. Its 8 steps are: Qi Yin step, Qi Yang step, Qian Kun step, He Xing step, Long (dragon) Xing step, Hu (tiger) Xing step, Xiong (bear) Xing step, Tuo (crocodile) Xing step.
Ma's Marrow Washing Health Preserving Gong (2)
Ma Xu Zhou Eye Protection Method (1)
Item Code: MH03 Item Code: MH04
Content: 1 VCD disc
Content: 2 VCD discs
An excellent eye protection exercise for todays people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. It uses traditional Chinese medicine theories to help you prevent & cure eye diseases.
It is a traditional taoist & buddhist breathing & qi leading method. Through acupoint pressing & massage, body, limbs & trunks twisting & stretching, and adjust breathing to let qi flows completely to each part of the body to cure diseases.
Ma Xu Zhou Eye protection Method through Acupoint Pressing (2)
Ma's Health Preserving 8 Forms & Health Preserving Methods for Mid Age & Old people (1)
Item Code: MH06
Item Code: MH05
Content: 2 VCD discs
Content: 1 VCD disc
Through self massage and acupoint pressing to lead & transfer spirit, qi, blood to eyes. Speed up the metabolism and blood circulation of certain parts of eyes to improve visual diseases.
It emphazises slow movements leading by body. Through acupoint pressing methods & massage to prevent fatique, increase blood circulation, improve sleeping conditions, improve memory, & fight against aging. Only 10 minutes a day can give you significant improvement on health.
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