Gong Li Fist Series
by Lu, Zhen Zhong/ Su, Wen Bin/ Lu, Jing Tao
About the performers: Mr. Zhen Zhong Lu is the president of KaiMen GongLi Fist Research Association while Mr. Wen Bin Su is the vice-president of the same association.
Gong Li Leg Methods, Footwork,
& Gong Li Chuan Fist (1)
Gong Li Jia Zhi (Standing Posture) (1)
Gong Li Hua Fist (1)
by Lu, Jing Tao by Lu, Zhen Zhong
by Lu, Zhen Zhong
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This routine placed importance on the harmony & coordination of leg, elbow, body movements, & footwork, especially on leg forms. Its major defending skills are dodging, turning, & retreating. It skillfully combined attacking & defending skills, so even facing strong opponents, with this form, you would not always in disadvantage position. It helps you finding opportunity to counter-attack.
Jia Zhi is the standing posture of Gong Li Fist. It divided into Small Frame & Big Frame. Both are essense of Gong Li Fist. Its movements slower than common Tai Chi movements to help store qi, transport qi, collect qi, issue qi, & adjust qi. Continuous movements are required. It fully presents Yin Yang theory.
Gong Li Leg methods are developed from Jia Zhi (Frame). Its movements are wide. It has complete & considerate footwork in advace & retreat. It covers front & back. Good in offense & defense. Chuan Fist is an agile fist routine. "Chuan" means scurry, stealthily intrude. This interpret the essense of this fist routine. Its sudden change on speed of attack has effect of suddden attack.
Gong Li Sparring Exercises:
5 Tiger Hammer Fist (1)
Gong Li Sparring Exercises:
Small & Golden Hammer Fist (1)
by Lu, Zhen Zhong/ Su, Wen Bin by Lu, Zhen Zhong/ Su, Wen Bin
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A practical sparring exercise. It solidifies both practicers' footwork & strength of two arms. Using elbow while close; Using hammer fist while having a certain distance. Hammer fist is the focus of this routine. Varied offensive skills.
Gong Li Golden Hammer routine is a practical routine with powerful fist. This routine place importance on direct offense. Small Hammer, fast & intense. They are advanced routines in Gong Li Fist requiring solid fundamentals.
Blue Dragon Sword (1)
Gong Li SiMen Broadsword (1)
Immortal Spear (1)
by Lu, Jing Tao
by Su, Wen Bin by Lu, Zhen Zhong
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A swordplay with varied sword skills. Softness with hardness. Major techniques are cut, point, sweep, lock, frame. Even it is a traditional swordplay, it is also used to perform as sword dance for entertainment purpose. Spear is the king of weapons. It has unbeatable place among different weapons, because its long range attacking ability. Its major techniques are Ci, Chuan, Ja, Liao with differnt footworks. Fierce & with intensive offense.
Si Men (4 Gates) Broadsword is an important weapon routine in Gong Li Fist. It is fierce & practical. It major techniques are Chop, Cut, Push, Sweep, Frame, Pare, & Wind. Every offensive movements target on vital parts of opponents' body.
Gong Li Fist (1)
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by Shen, Li Hui
World JingWu Routine Competition Champion.
Gong Li Fist is a major fist form in Jing Wu Men. It has firm footwork, hard forces. A beginning routine in Jing Wu men kungfu. This progarm is divided into 4 parts: Basic Fists, Basic footwork, Routine Instruction, Major points explanations.
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