Chen Style Long Fist (Chang Chuan)DVD Series
explained and demonstrated by
Master Chen, Yong Fu
About Performer: Chen YongFu, the member and coach ofXi'zn Wushu Association, and vice-curator of Xi'an Cuihua Wushu House.
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NTSC, Language:
Mandarin Chinese, Subtitles (English, Chinese)
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Chen style Long Fist (Chang Quan) 108 Forms
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The Chen-Style Taiji Quan which based of the Chen-Style Chang Quan 108 Forms is created by Chen WangTing.  The relationship  between Chen Style Long Fist and Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan is Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan was createdbased on Chen Sytle 108 forms Long Fist.  It was graduallylost in Chen's Family fromits 13th generation, because the sole 12thgeneration successor was moved. (Bu Fu Chen, sole 12th generation successor of Chen Style Long Fist, was committed in a crime because of helping other people.  He moved to Shan Xi Region and changed his name to Chen Yong Fu to avoid being caught.)  To bring back the traditional Chen Style Long Fist to Chen Family, master Li Qiang Chen, the 11th generation successor of Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan, visited master Xu Fang Qing in Shan Xi in 1975 and he finally did it.
Set of 7 DVDs
VCD Version