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Chen Style 108 Forms Long Fist
by master Chen, Yung Fu
About the performer: Master Yun Fu Chen is now a Coach and Committee member of Xian Wushu Association.Vice-Chairman of Xian ChuaHua Wushu School.
About the form: Chen Style Long Fist was created by TingYuan Chen. The relation between Chen style Long Fist and Chen style Tai Chi Chuan is Chen style Tai Chi Chuan was created based on Chen style 108 forms Long Fist.  It was graduately lost in Chen Family from its 13th generation, because the sole 12th generation successor was moved.  (BuFu Chen, sole 12th generation successor of Chen style Long Fist, was committed in a crime because of helping other people. He moved to ShanXi region and changed his name to YungFu Guo to avoid being caught.)  To bring back the traditional Chen style Long Fist to Chen Family, master LiQing Chen, 11th generation successor of Chen style Tai Chi Chuan, visited master FongQin Hsu in ShanXi in 1975 and he finally did it.
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Chen Style 108 Forms Long Fist
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