Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
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Collection of ZhaoBao Taijiquan (2)
Item Code: ZB010
US$13.99, 2 discs
Zhaobao taijiquan is one of the important branch in Taijiquan. This program covers its origination, development, & its characteristic. There are many precious traditional forms performed by these great taijiquan masters. It deeply shows the culture & the essence of ZhaoBao Taijiquan.
by master Wang, Chang An
About the performer: Master Chang An Wong was the student of Shi Gui Guo and gold medal winner of National Zhao Bao Taiji Chuan Competition.
Traditional Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan: 72 Forms & Its Applications (4)
Item Code: ZB007
US$24.99, 4 discs
This traditional routine was reserved and taught by master Shi Gui Guo. Entire routine are all walking in "Li" Circle. Wide open & big movement. Big circles encircle small circles. 3 straight, 4 followings, clear distinguish between ying & yang on body & hand movements and footwork. All well-linked. Every movement contain deep fighting meanings & meaningful functions.
Jiu Xiang Bu Luo Di (9 Sound Not Reaching Ground) (1)
Item Code: ZB008
US$7.99, 1 disc
This routine is the essence of 72 forms Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan Big Frame routine. It is the basic of Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan. Jiu Xiang (9 sound) means single leg supporting and creating sound by hitting body in the air. Flexiable body movements & agile leg methods. Movements between point to point are fast. Performance is splendid.
Traditional Tai Chi Chuan Push Hand Techniques (2)
Item Code: ZB009
US$13.99, 2 discs
Different style of Tai Chi Chuan has it own distinguished attacking techniques & push hand methods. This program introduces those featuring in Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan: light steps, light body, flexiable waist, fast hand movements, side body lying, & front body lying.
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Wudang Zhaobao Taiji Fan (1)
Item Code: WD125
US$7.99, 1 disc
Wudang Zhaobao Taiji Fan was created, based on Zhaobao Taijiqquan, by Mr.Sun Wuyi, who was the disciple of 11th generation inheritor master Zhao ZengFu. The form was influenced by master Bagua Gao Yinhe. Entire routine has 61 moves. It is a well-combined form of Zhaobao taijiquan and fan skills. Different age could choose different training postures to practice, low, middle, and high training postures. Easy to learn and practice.
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