Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
by Master Wan, Hai Zhou
About Performer: Master Haizhou Wan, 15th generation inheritor of Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan,  is one of the 100 most famous wushu masters in China. He was born in Zhaobao Village, Wenxian County, Henan Province. He is now the consultant of Research Institute of Wudong Chuan, General Coach of Yongnian International Taiji Quan Institute, and Vice President & General Coach of Wengxian Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan Association.
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(3) Three
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Zhaobao Tai Chi Sword
72 mins
Zhaobao Tai Chi Broadsword
45 mins
Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan (3)
164 mins
Demonstration of Zhaobao Tai Chi Chuan & Weapon Routines, 57 mins
Zhaobao Tai Chi Staff
71 mins
Zhaobao SanShou & Sparring Exercises, 59 mins
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Zhao Bao Tai Chi Broadsword consists of 20 movements. It is one of the best defensing routine. From front to back, left to right, all in its consideration. It's suitable for everyone, young & old to practise. This program is illustrated by Haizhou Wang and demonstrated by his son, Changqing Wang.
Zhao Bao Tai Chi Sword Consists of 57 movements. Most movements are in circles. One after one, one cross-connected with another, freely to right and left, forward and back. While practising, the player and the sword should mone in whole, forcefully, & inflexibly.
Zhao Bao Tai Chi Staff consists of 65 movements. Most movements such as cleave, sweep, prick, & block, are move in various hallow circles rotating left & right, forward & backward, without a break.
Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan consists of 108 movements. Three outer integration & three inner integration are Three outer integrations are integrations of different body parts, hands with feet, elbows with knees, waists with hips. Three inner integrations refer to integrations of mind with intention, Qi (internal energy) with force, postures with bones. Well & smoothly cooperation of hands, feet, & body is the key to generate force.
This selection is the summerized performance of Zhao Bao Taiji Series, such as Push Hand, Double-Broadsword, Single Broadsword, Empty hand routine, .... fully displaying the long history of Zhao Bao Tai Chi Chuan and its completeness.
Zhao Bao Tai Chi Sanshou (Free Sparring) has 128 techniques in 67 forms. It has practical & distinct attacking and defensing value. It has high popularity among martial arts lovers. This program is demonstrated by Haizhou Wang & his son, Changqing Wang.