Ren Cheng (Li style) Zha Fist Series
by master Wang, Feng
About the performer: Master Feng Wang is 4th generation inheritor of Ren Cheng Zha Fist.
2 Routines Linked Fist (1)
4 Routines 8 Directions Fist (1)
3 Routines Yau Ru Fist (1)
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This routine features linked and continuous progressive attack. Appropriate usage of hardness & softness. This routne trains players' body methods. Correct usage of body methods to lead harmonized hand & leg methods. It is one of the most common routine in Ren Cheng Zha Fist.
This routine trains players' footwork to freely advance, jump, retreat, fall, bounce & more.
6 Routines Tu Ji (Sudden Attack) Fist (1)
5 Routines Feng Mor (Crazy Devil) Fist (1)
7 Routines Plum Blossom Fist (1)
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7th routine features changeable forms of both hands with blocking hands & leg attacks. Fast movements. Aggressive upper & lower body methods.
5th routine feaures continuous and repeated progressive attack. Direct attack methods.
This routine features various changable forms. It emphasizes changes of Yin & Yang, sudden attacks. With fake forms to confuse opponents causing this form more effective. 
8 Routines Tiger Fist (1)
10 Routines Mai Fu (Ambush) Fist (1)
10 Routines Dao Chui (Hammer Fist) (1)
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Item Code: ZHA023
This routine features how to initiate attacks. Qi store in Dan Tien to founded solid attack. It features precise, cruel, & fierce forms. Powerful & solid. Excellent forms in both attack & defense.
This routine is the fundamentals of Ren Cheng Zha Fist. It consists of major hand, eye, body methods, & footwork.
Intercepting Hands (2)
Item Code: ZHA024
Intercepting Hands is the most powerful fist form in Zha Fist. It focuses on the usage of forms. In the past, it was only passed down to Sec. leader. It is now passed to the public under request of Chinese government. It was divided into 2 routines. 1st routine is majorly on intercepting & leaning; skills on fist form out & hook form back; kicking & hugging. 2nd routine is majorly hooking &  sweeping. Linked & continuous attacks causing opponents without any choice to rest.
Chuan Lin (Forest) Sword (1)
Zha Men Feng Mor (Crazy Devil)
Broadsword (1)
Zha Men Body Protecting Broadsword (1)
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Item Code: ZHA025
"Chuan" means pass through. Its major forms are Ci, Pi, Liao, Dian, Xiao, & Ti. Harmony of inner & outer strength, Yin & Yang. Clear concept on the shape of sword, 1 point 2 blades.
Movements are based on Zha Fist. It is the extension of arms. It requires smooth forces & concentrated spirit. Its major forms are Pi, Liao, Dou,Tiao, Wu, Chang, Jie, & Lan...
A simple, fast, direct & fierce broadsword routine. Smooth & neat. Using mind to lead broadsword movements.
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