Wu Dong Secret Kungfu VCD Series
by Taoist President You, Xuan De
About Performer:
Taoist President Xuande YOU, headmaster of Wudong Internal Boxing School, was birn ib Puzhou, Hebei Province. He began to learn martial arts at a very early young age. His teachers are all foremost wudong taoist. Tongshen Wang (a hermit in Wudang Temple), Zhu Chengde (a taosit headmaster), Wang Weishen (headmaster of Wudang Xongxi School), & Lu Ming Dao (a headmaster who lived over 100 years old). YOU has acquired almost all of Wudang kungfu secrets & is now one of teh foremost representives of Wudang martial arts.
      In early 90s, he established San Feng Wushi College & became its 1st president & chief coach. He owns a lot of titles: President of China Wudang Taoist Culture Research Institute, Chairman of Wudang Taoist Health Improvement Association, Chairman of the Compilers Board of the magazine of Wudang Fighting Virtures, Chief Advisor of Qongnian International Taiji Quan Friendship Association, Chairman of Wudang International Taiji Quan Association, Senior Advisor of Dalian Wudang Quan Research Institute, Member of Taoist Culture Exchange Association of The Taiwan Strait, & Honorary President of Korean Research Institute on Chinese Taoism.
Health Preserving Qigong (1)
Drunken 8 Immortals Sword (2)
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Tai Yi Horsetail Whisk (1)
Demonstration of Wudong
Secret Kungfu (1)
Tai Yi Xiao Yao Palm (2)
Concise Tai Chi Chuan (1)
18 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Dan Sword (2)
Xuan Wu Staff (2)
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