Tian Style Yin Yang Bagua Series
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About the form: Tian style Yin Yang Bagua is originated from the area of Qing Cheng Mountain and Emei Mountain in Szechuan Province. It was created following Yng Yang and Ba Gua theory and philosophy. Complete style is divided into 8 different animal forms. Each animal form represents each "Gua" in Ba Gua. 8 Animals are Python, Lion, Tiger, Bear, Snake, Horse, Monkey, & Eagle. Total 192 Palms.
By Master Tian, Ke Yuan
10th Generation Inheritor of Tain style Bagua
Fundamentals (1)
Bear Palm (2)
Single & Double Changing Palm (1)
Item Code: TBG01
Fundamentals cover baisc Tian style bagua palm method, its palm shape, footwork, basics of Single & Double Changling Palm, & how to walk and move in the Yin Yang Fish Graphic.
Item Code: TBG03
Item Code: TBG02
Bear form has two routines. This program covers Bear Throat-locking Palm, Bear Turning Palm, Bear Shaking Palm, & Bear Rolling Palm.
Single & Double Changing Palm is the basic movements in Tain style bagua palm. Open & close are all showing attack & defense in one, internal & external in one.