Tai Chi By Form VCD Series
Demonstrations of 24 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
(1 Disc + English Pocket Handbook)
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Item Code: TJF026
by Qiu, HuiFang/ Li, DeYing/ Gao JiaMing/ Kong, XiangDong/ Men, HuiFeng
This 24 forms Taiji routine was performed by HuiFang Qiu, who was honored as the queen of Taijiquan. It also contained demonstration of 24 forms Taijiquan by other masters, including DeYing Li, JiaMing Gao, XiangDong Kong, & HuiFeng Men. A pocket handbook in English & Chinese is included.
by master Li, DeYing
Top hundred wushu master in China
Senior National Wushu Judge
Assisting performer:
Jong, Wei Je
(National Taiji, Sword, Pushhand Competition champion)
16 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Item Code: TJF018
16 Forms Tai Chi Sword (1)
Item Code: TJF019
Series by Guan, Bo
About performer: Master Bo Guan is a wushu teacher at Northeast Normal University and champion of 42 forms Tai Chi Chuan and Tai Chi Sword at Asian Sports Festival.
42 Forms Tai Chi Sword (1)
42 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
24 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Item code: TJF003
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32 Forms Tai Chi Sword (1)
48 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (2)
Item code: TJF004
Item code: TJF005
Series by Chen, Si Tan
About Performer: Master Si Tan Chen won two Tai Chi Championship (male) in International Wushu Competiton, gold medals in 11th Asian Game & 8th National Wushu Competition. To present, he won 32 gold medals in different events. He is being called "Prince of Tai Chi" in China and was being choosen as one of the hundred foremost wushu masters in China in 1995. He is now a committee member of Fujian Wushu Association.
Tai Chi Chuan 8 & 16 Forms (1)
Item code: TJF006
Item code: TJF007
Tai Chi Chuan 24 Forms (2)
Tai Chi Chuan 32 Forms (2)
Item code: TJF008
Tai Chi Sword 32 Forms (2)
Item code: TJF009
Tai Chi Chuan 42 Forms (2)
Item code: TJF010
Tai Chi Sword 42 Forms (2)
Item code: TJF011
Tai Chi Chuan 48 Forms (2)
Item code: TJF012
Fixed Spot Tai Chi Chuan Series
by master Hu, Qi Xian
About the form: Both routines have strong senses of direction. It fully uses East, South, West, North four corners, twisting and turning body movements, Yin Yang changeable hand methods, and changeable footwork.
Fixed Spot 12 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Fixed Spot 24 Forms Tai Chi Chuan (1)
Item code: TJF014
Item code: TJF015
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