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Sunbin Fist 1st Routine (1)
Sunbin Sword 1st Routine (1)
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Demonstration of Sunbin Fist (1)
Xiao Jia (Small Frame) (1)
Sunbin Fist: Hammer Fist (2)
Zhong Jia (Medium Frame) (1)
Dai Jia (Big Frame) (2)
Sunbin Fist: 60 Hands (1)
SunBin Fist VCD Series
by master Meng, Xian Tang
4th Generation Inheritor of Sunbin Fist
Sunbin Hammer Fist has 108 forms. It's the longest fundamenal routine in Sunbin Fist.
Big Frame is a long routine in Sunbin Fist. It highly requires harmonization of hands & feet. It emphasizes quick attack on upper body.
Small Frame has 64 forms, so it's also named as Sunbin 64 Hands. Movements are agile & speedy using attack to restrict attack.
Medium Frame is the shortest fundamental routine in Sunbin Fist. It summarizes the core of  Sunbin Fist. Agile & powerful.
Hand movements are cruel & fast; Forms are hard. Requires to harmonization of practicers' internal breath & external movements.
It's also named as Zhiwu sword. It has 76 forms. As other Sunbin Fist Routines, its movements are quick & agile.
Also named as Sunbin Ambush Fist. It has 66 forms with the characteristics & adventages of Long Fist.
SunBin was a general in mid warring stage of Zhou kingdom (475 BC- 221 BC). He summarized and wrote an outstanding Chinese Military Classic, Art of War, which is based on SunWu's (SunZi's) thought.
Demonstration of major routines and movements in Sunbin Fist & its weapon routine.
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