Police Fist Series
Illustrated by: Tao, Zhong Xian (Creator of Police Fist)
Performed by: Tao, Xiao Long (National Sanda, Nunchakus Champion)
About the form: Police Fist was created by master Zhong Xian Tao, a Chinese American.  This unique Chinese kungfu accumulated the essenses of several rare & secret kungfus, through 20 years of practice & research and form these movements. It was taught to the public in 1995 and was a surprise to the wushu world.
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New Item !!
Nunchakus 22 Forms &
26 Forms Target Training (1)
Classic Police Fist 24 Forms (1)
Item Code: SD068
Item Code: SD069
This program covers 24 classic hitting, throwing, ChinNa, bone-locking, knee, elnow, leg, footwork, & kicking methods. Through continous fighting training, you can understand the timing to attacking & how to find opponents' weakness. All 24 forms has detailed step-by-step instruction.
26 forms target training is a required course before real fighting training. Nunchakus 22 forms are all classic forms selected & developed from practical experience. Each movement is fast & fierce.
12 Interchangable Fighting Methods (1) Air & Goundlying Fighting Skills (1)
Item Code: SD062 Item Code: SD063
Interchangable skills are essenses of counter-attack. It teach player how to defeat opponents in the bad situation. It requires observation fighting opportunities & technical skills to reverse the bad situation. It also trains natural reaction. This program divided into 12 sections.
Police Fist has 8 air fighting skills, mostly focus on breast, throat, head, and major accupoints. Goundlying skills are unpredicable. It includes fatal attacking skills, fast throwing methods, ChinNa methods, dim muk skills, & tendon-grabbing skills...etc. Very useful skills in sanshou competiton & real combat.
Iron Feet Kicking Training Method (1)
Against Knife & Gun Self-defense Skills (1)
Item Code: SD064
Item Code: SD065
This program focus on training method of Iron Feet Kicking internal strength, & external froms. Iron Feet Kicking has 24 methods targeting 6 major parts of body. It helps increase qi flow in the body, concentrate qi & forces, & force-issuing. Against knife & gun attack are dangerous movements. It requires good observation on how to strike first and good skills on how to defeat opponents in one bow. Bravey, courage, & intelligence are necessary. It greatly trains players how to find the right timing to defeat opponents.
Police Against Ruffians Techniques Series
by instructor Zhang, Fei Hu/ Zhang, Fei Peng/ Zhang, Fei Xiong
About the performer: .Fei Hu Zhang is the committee member of Jiangzu Boxing Club, Head Secretary of Lianzhou Wushu Association, & General judge of Jiangzu SanDa, Boxing competitions; Fei Peng Zhang is also the committee member of Jiangzu Boxing Club, Vice-President of Lianzhou Wushu Association, Vice-Chairman of Highschool Wushu Competition Association.
Unexpected Moves 36 Forms (2)
Softness Against Hardness 36 Forms (2)
Item Code: SD046
Item Code: SD045
Most skills are passively defending in the first place then initiate counter-attack. Observation is important. Using "Softness" to overcome the "hardness" attacks.
This program focuses on sudden attack & unexpected moves. Based on actual environment & ??ChinNa skills to outflack suspects. It contains 36 techniques.
Defense & Counter-Attack 36 Forms (2)
Item Code: SD047
This program focuses on defending skills. Using kicking, throwing, hitting, graspping skills to arrest suspects. It emphasizes one powerful counter-strike after observing suspects' action. It contains 36 techniques.
8 Formation Fist (1)
Police Weapons Practical 36 Forms (2)
Item Code: SD049
Item Code: SD048
A traditional routine. It was created based on the theories of Pakua 9 Squares. Its skill is agile & various. Solid footwork & close form structure. A practical routine to train Sanshou, ChinNa.
This program focuses on using weapon to overcome a suspect. Its skills are basically "hardness" against "hardness", using short weapon (broadsword, sword, stick) skills to bring down the suspect.
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