Praying Mantis Fist Series
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Praying Mantis Swordplay (1)
Praying Mantis Cudgel Play (1)
Item Code: PM010
Item Code: PM009
by Ma, Wei Ling
(Gold Medal Winner in National Wushu Competition)
by Wang, Sheng Hu
(Gold Medal Winner in National Wushu Competition)
Mantis Cudgel is a unique cudgel play with 49 movements. It has the agile movements of mantis fist & strength of common cudgel plays. Sword using in this form is extremely long and needed to be held with two hands. Its movements are simple & vigorous; techniques are unique & novel. Major techniques are mantis-shaking wings, mantis stalking the cicada, back-thrust, head cutting, etc... Footworks include Following step, kneeling step, semi-horse step, and double blow step.
Praying Mantis Fist
about an hour
performed by Bin Xu, Xin Luo
Item code: PM008
Seven Star Praying Mantis Kungfu
performed by

Master Hou, Rui-ting
About Performer: Master Rui-ting Hou, 5th generaton inheritor of Yang's Qingping Sword. His Seven Star Praying Mantis Kungfu was personally taught by famous praying mantis kungfu master Qingzhai Wang. He is now Vice Chairman of Shenyang Tai Chi Research Association, member of Yantai International Mantis kungfu Sodality, & National Preparation Committee for Praying Mantis Kungfi Routines.
7 Star Praying Mantis:
Beng Bu (1),
56 mins
Yang's Qingping Sword (2)
121 mins
7 Star Praying Mantis:
Zhou Gang (1),
54 mins
Item code: PM002
Item code: PM003
Item code: PM001
Demonstration of 7 Star Praying Mantis Kungfu & Weapon Routine (1)
57 mins
7 Star Praying Mantis:
Intercepting (1),
about 60 mins
7 Star Praying Mantis:
Lia Ben (1),
about 60 mins
Item code: PM005 Item code: PM006
Item code: PM004
Yang's Qingping Sword 2nd Routine (1)
about an hour
Item code: PM007
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