Dragon Tai Chi (Taiji) Chuan
Dragon Tai Chi Chuan VCD Series
by Master Li, Chuang
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Dragon Tai Chi 1st Routine (2)
Dragon Tai Chi 2nd Routine
about 120 mins
about 60 mins
about 60 mins
Dragon Tai Chi Golden Rings
Item Code: DTJ01
Item Code: DTJ03
Item Code: DTJ02
1st Routine combines strong points of traditional Chinese internal and external boxing practises. It appears like Shaolin Long Fist, but it is essentially like tai chi. It features slow softness.
About Performer: Master Chuang Li is 29th generaton inheritor of Dragon form Tai Chi. He is now the Vice President of Yinzhou Wushu Association and a committee member of Ninxia Wushu Association.
Golden Rings set is created according to the two golden rings worn on God of the Best, a Daoist immortal, using to protect himself. They are a pair of unique weapons featuring the combination usage of Yin and Yang in dragon like movements.
2nd Routine is based on 1st Routine with more complicated movements. Its movements feature "Changes", from slow to fast, soft to har, small circles to big ones.