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Mian Palm (Cotton Palm) Series
by Master Qiao, Xiu Chuan
About the Performer: Master Xiu Chuan Qiao was born in 1929. A famous Mian Palm & Fanzi master. He was a student of Wang, Li Zhen/ Zhang, De Liang. He started teaching in 50 's and was awarded special award in 1994. He is now a commette member of Beijing Wushu Association and the Chairman of Mian Plam Wushu Club.
Ni Hong Sword (1)
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This sword form was created based on practical usage. It emphasizes agile footwork and straight forward movements.
Applications of Mian Palm Fanzi Fist (1)
Selections of important attacking techniques of Mian Palm & Mian Palm Fanzi Fist.
Demonstration of Mian Palm Fanzi Fist & Weapon Routines (1)
Demonstration on Mian Palm 5th Routine, Mian Palm Fanzi 5th Routine, & selected weapons routines.
5th Routine Part 2:
7 Landing Stars (1)
Diverse footworks and speedy attack. Useful in combact. Common footwork: Horse, Empty, Bow, Ding; Common palm methods: Cut, Hold, Carry, Push.
5th Routine Part 1:
Nan Len Pa Da (1)
Diverse Body works and powerful movements. Horse & Empty footwork are the major footworks. Major hand methods include Fist, Palm, Hook, & Cut.
4th Routine Part 2: Pigua (1)
Movements of this routine are small & short using a little space. Major leg methods: Pigua Continous Leg, Gua Leg, Ru Kicking, & Jia Kicking.
3rd Routine Part 1:
Pi Xin (Heart-rending) Palm (1)
Hand methods include: Bazhi hand, Diu hand, Hook hand, & Dei Hand. It's an outstanding & practical routine for combact.
1st Routine Part 1:
Mian (Cotton) Palm (1)
Mian palm is a fast, hard, & accurate wushu. Featuring fast two hands cross-rotating & fast power release.
2nd Routine Part 2:
Sui (Following) Hand (1)
1st Routine Part 2: 5 Flower Cannon
2nd Routine part 1: 5 Flower Hammer (1)
A simple & clear routine with diverse body methods & fast hand methods. Body always following the hand is its characteristic. Major hand methods: Rub, Split, Diu, & Cut.
Routines are short and small-space-usage. Practical & Outstanding for fighting. Major footworks: Horse, Bow, Empty, & Corss. Horse footwork uses the most; Major hand methods: Fist, Palm, Hook, & Cut.
3rd Routine Part 2: Ji Bu Hammer
4th Routine Part 1: Chiue Zhi Kick (1)
A fast & smooth routine. Major hand methods: Fist, Palm, Hook, & DeiLeg methods: Continous Leg, Zhi Kick, & Hurricane Leg; Footworks: Horse, Empty, Bow, Ji, & Qilin.
Keys of Mian Palm (1)
Item Code: MP12
This VCD is divided into 7 parts:
1. Keys of Mian Palm fighting techniques; 2. Hand methods of Mian Palm; 3. Sui (following) hands; 4. Pi Xing Palm; 5. NanLian PaDa; 6. Pigua Linked Kicking; 7. Linked leg skills
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