Choy Lee Fut (Cai Li Fo) Kungfu Series
All VCDs in this series are in English & Cantonese
with Chinese subtitles
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About Performer: Master Chang Fa Chen, 5th generation of master Heng Gong Chen (Creator of Choy Lee Fut Kungfu), is the head coach of World Choy Lee Fut Kungfu School. He is also the head coach of Sydney Choy Lee Fut Kungfu School.
Kylin Hand (Chinese Unicorn)
& 18 Arhat Gong (1)
Fundamentals of Choy Lee Fut (1)
Xiao (Small) Arhat Fist
Part 1 (1)
Yin Yang Knife & Sword (1)
Xiao (Small) Arhat Fist
Part 2 & Sanshou (1)
Wu (five) Yun Liu (six) Qi
Bagua Ball (1)
International Choy Lee Fut Workshop (1)
Dragon 18 Fist (1)
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About the form: Choy Lee Fut, a major southern Fist, was created by master Heng Gong Chen in the beginning of 19th Century in Guangdong. He combined southern Shaolin Kungfu and his own forms to create Choy Lee Fut. It has been widely taught in China, South-east Asia, Europe, & North America. The amount of overseas Choy Lee Fut schools are rougly about 4000. Students are about 300,000. There are about 190 routines including weapon routines has been passed on.
by master Chen, Chang Fa
Choy Lee Fut: Small Plum Blossom (1)
by He, Yau Huan
Item Code: CLF009
A short fist routine in Choy Lee Fut kungfu. Easy to learn. This form was created in 1836 by Chen Xiang, creater of Choy Lee Fut kungfu. It contains 71 movements.
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Language: Mandarin Chinese only