Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do
Weapon Seizing Series
by Instructor Li, Cheng Wei
About this series: An advanced program for Jeet Kune Do learners. It required high fighting skills & excellent timing & distance obseration skills. It associated heavy fighting skills & joint-locking skills to seize opponents' weapons. It did not have fixed rule to follow. Practicers has to evalue his/her actual situation to determine how to react. This program divided into 2 sections: 25 fundamental weapon seizing skills and Advanced fighting and weapon seizing skills.
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Weapon Seizing 25 Forms (1) Intergrated Weapon Seizing & Fighting Skills (1)
Item Code: JKD041
Item Code: JKD042
Duration: 48 mins
Duration: 50 mins
It covered lightning kicking skills, lightning heavy punch & fist skills, & weapon seizing joint-locking skills.
It showed how to seize axe, dagger, knife, glass bottle, & short stick... Movements are flexiable, agile, & heavy.
Bruce Lee Fighting Techniques Series
Souls of Bruce Lee
by Instructor Li, Cheng Wei
From Bruce Lee: Bruce Lee said that souls of his fighting techniques have two. First is "Jing Shen" (Staying close to opponent); Second is "Fa Li" (force issuing). He also said that anyone who learned them, can lightning defeat whatever level & kind of enemy using heavy punches.
Souls of Bruce Lee: Jing Shen (Close to Opponent) (1)
Item Code: JKD026, Duration: 45 mins
"Jing Shen" is a fast & fierce method to stay close to opponents and find opportunity to give heavy attack by gathering up all forces of the body. This program is divided into 6 sections: 1. Souls of Bruce Lee Techniques; 2. Introduction to "Jing Shen" & "Fa Li"; 3. Sudden Attack in Close Range; 4. Seduce opponent to stay close to you; 5. Fake Close Range Attacks; 6. Changing angles close combat skills.
Souls of Bruce Lee: Fa Li (Power-issuing) (1)
Item Code: JKD027, Duration 45 mins
Explosive forces is the core of Bruce Lee's fighting techniques. "Fa Li" in Jeet Kune Do is a method giving a deadly attack in unpredictable fighting conditions. This program specially features high difficulty explosive force in kicking & punching. It is divided into 8 sections: 1. Souls of Bruce Lee Techniques; 2. Introduction to "Jing Shen" & "Fa Li"; 3. Changable "Jing Shen" method; 4. Intercepting "Jing Shen" method; 5. Blocking "Jing Shen" method; 6. Dodging "jing Shen" method; 7. Explosive force in kicking; 8. Explosive force in fist.
Souls of Bruce Lee: Footwork (1)
Item Code: JKD028, Duration 45 mins
Footwork is the most basic skills a person should learn and be familiar with before understanding the true meaning of "Jing Shen". Agile & fast footwork decide who is the winner in a fight. This program shows the butterfly-like fluttering footwork & spring-like footwork filled with elasticity. This program divides into 3 sections: 1. Souls of Bruce Lee Techniques; 2. Secrets of Bruce Lee's Footwork; 3. Detailed Demonstration of Bruce Lee Fighting Footwork.
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